Sunday, March 19, 2017

Making a Splash

A new book, 'Making a Splash: Mermaids (and Mermen) in 20th and 21st Century Audiovisual Media', was released on January 30th. Here are the details:

"Mermaids have been a feature of western cinema since its inception and the number of films, television series, and videos representing them has expanded exponentially since the 1980s. Making a Splash analyses texts produced within a variety of audiovisual genres."

The book's eight chapters include discussions on The Little Mermaid, Mermaid Vocality, The Mermaid Chair, Mermen on the Screen, and much more.

The author of the book is Philip Hayward. Dr. Hayward is editor of the Island Studies journal Shima and holds adjunct professor positions at the University of Technology Sydney and at Southern Cross University in Australia.

Making a Splash is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other booksellers.

Mermaid Bride

The Daily Mail UK brings us an article about a wedding in the 'middle of the sea', the Caribbean Sea to be precise. The bride, Susana, believes she is actually a mermaid, and wanted her wedding to follow her passion.

The article includes a wealth of photos as well as a video. Even the photographer called the wedding, "a dream come true".

In my opinion, the best line from the article is, "Some guests swam to the wedding while others arrived by boat." Looks like the bride wasn't the only mermaid at the wedding.

Mermaid Cake

Our next article comes from Danielle Tullo and Cosmopolitan magazine. If you are having a birthday in near future, or planning a birthday party for a mermaid fan, what you need is a mermaid tail cake.

A photo of such a cake, posted on Facebook, already has over 4.2 million views. Looks like everyone wants one for their very own.

Several photos of mermaid themed cakes are included in the article.

World of Mermaids

Sharon Ko of KENS-TV Channel 13 recently visited with four mermaids based in Austin, Texas to uncover the lure of the mermaid lifestyle.

The article may answer a lot of questions for those wanting to join in the swim. What do I need, how much does it cost, and what happens at public appearances? It's all here in the article.

The MerNetwork forum gets a mention as well.

Mermaid Tail Sleeping Bag

Remember sleep-overs and the boring sleeping bags? No more! Enchantails by Mark Viniello and family brings us the tail-enhanced slumber bag. and Kate L. Harrison have the story:

"Their new mermaid slumber bag sets each come with a themed storybook that blends real-life places in the ocean with longstanding mythologies about mermaids from around the globe."

The article includes a portion of an interview with the Viniellos by

Best wishes and starfishes,
-Mermaid Cynthia
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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Top Mermaid Blogs

I am proud to announce that this blog has been named one of 16 'Top Blogs of 2017' in a recent article. Molly of Everything Mermaid researched over 100 mermaid themed web sites to compile her list of the best.

"I have always loved Mermaids. It started off as a hobby, but the more interaction I get from my 'Mer-friends' the more I realize that there is a whole community out there waiting for connection!"

Check out Molly's entire list in her recent blog post. I am sure you will find plenty of fine reading material. Thank you, Molly!

Fish Girl

Due to come out on March 7th, Fish Girl is a mid-grade graphic novel by illustrator David Wiesner and writer Donna Jo Napoli.

In an article at Entertainment Weekly, columnist Nivea Serrao interviews Mr. Wiesner and Ms. Napoli.

"We both tried for the most realistic story possible. Yes, you have to buy into the idea that mermaids exist. But that’s all."

The article contains three example pages from the graphic novel, the artwork is first rate. Don't miss Fish Girl when it comes out in early March.

Best Mermaid Tails

Sean Fallon of Fashionably Geek recently featured an article entitled, 'The Best Mermaid Tails Money Can Buy'. Mr. Fallon has chosen Etsy seller MerNation as the best there is.

"These custom made tails are crafted from 100% dragon skin platinum cure silicone."

Looking for a top of the line mermaid tail? Been saving your pennies and shells? Be sure to check out Sean's article.

Light Up the Sea

Speaking of high end mermaid tails, how about one that lights up underwater? Sarah Vitak and Makezine bring us the story of a fin-tastic tail created by Erin St. Blaine of North Carolina.

"This project has been three years in the making and has gone through many major revisions to become the beautiful and robust piece that it is today."

Featuring an Arduino microprocessor and a custom smartphone app, this was a serious DIY project. Swim on over and check out the article before you are left in the dark!

Best wishes and starfishes,
-Mermaid Cynthia
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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Secret Community

The mermaid/merman community in the UK is growing, and Hattie Gladwell at Metro UK would like to introduce everyone to this secret community.

Meet Caitlin Nielsen, better known as Mermaid Cyanea, and her friends Ed, Tessie, and Morgan. Each tells their story of the lure of the sea, and the awkwardness felt on land.

"When I take my tail off it almost feels like a piece of me has come off, that I am in a weird limbo. It’s very vulnerable feeling. It is an odd feeling for sure."

The article includes a number of great photos.

Mermaid Nina

Coastal Living would like you to meet Nina Leipold, otherwise known as The Mermaid of Hilton Head Island, off of South Carolina. Nina is currently educating visitors to Hilton Head on the proper treatment of its wildlife.

"You can see the mermaid in person on a tour with Dolphin Seafari, an area tour operator."

Mermaid Nina is also an author, with two books currently available, and another in the works. Her books echo her teachings of ocean and land conservation.

Nina's husband Rick is a photographer. He works along side her to provide a “Become a Mermaid” experience which includes a photo shoot. Both children and adults can take advantage of this, so dive right in!

Underwater Hotels

In a story by Alex Madison, Digital Trends brings us a review of the five best underwater hotels. While most of us aren't able to afford a night under the sea, the wealth of photos in the article is the next best thing.

"The rooms include 24 hour butler service as well as 24 carat gold infused bars of soap for some reason."

Hungry? The Ithaa Undersea Restaurant is just the thing. A photo can be found at the top of the article, number three in that collection.

Best wishes and starfishes,
-Mermaid Cynthia
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