Saturday, February 4, 2012

Minutes and Fins

Mermaid Minute

Photo by Reuben E. Reynoso
Well known mermaid and freediver, Linden Wolbert of Mermaids In Motion, recently announced a new project. She is producing a video series geared toward teaching children about the ocean. The series is called Mermaid Minute, and the first episode is entitled 'Meet a Real Mermaid, Linden!'

Through this series of short videos, children as well as adults can learn about dolphins, sharks, fish, and a lot more. Children will enjoy learning about the sea from a real mermaid! Viewers are encouraged to ask Mermaid Linden questions. These questions may help guide the content of future episodes.

Inspiring children is Linden's passion. Be sure to share these videos with your kids. The ocean can always use another fan!

Here is more information on the Mermaid Minute series from Mermaid Linden:

I thought of the idea of the Mermaid Minute in 2011 while swimming... naturally!
It took months and months to digitize and import all of the underwater footage from my friend Reuben into Final Cut Pro to be edited. Then it took a long time to research every animal and write the scripts for the first several episodes.
The footage of me in the mermaid tail on the beach was a big green screen experiment... I am very happy it turned out pretty well. That thanks to my friends who helped me while I was stranded in my 35-pound mermaid tail on a giant piece of green fabric!
I co-wrote the opening theme music with my friend Chris Ward who is a pro film and television composer, which was a really fun process!
I worked hard to improve my skills as an editor with the help of another neighbor... where would I be without my friends?!?!? I have really used my background as a film student (Emerson College '03 grad) to pull this together. I am so grateful for each and every person who helped me with the Mermaid Minute... you know who you are!
A new episode will be released every week!
At this point, the Mermaid Minute could appear in any number of venues. There are possibilities "floating" about ;) I am unsure at this point about podcasts or iTunes. I would like to keep the Mermaid Minute FREE as long as possible for any child who has access to computers.
I grew up learning from PBS shows since I didn't have cable TV as a youth. I wish for kids to have the same opportunity to learn today as I did then... from shows like Jacques Yves Cousteau and NOVA, Marty Stauffer's Wild America, etc... and I realized kids could really use some oceanic education, so that was the inspiration behind creating the Mermaid Minute! 
Teasers? Well, there will be fun episodes about all manner of creatures, ocean phenomenon and more!!! What else can I say... it's a Mermaid Mystery each week with the Mermaid Minute. ;)

You can find Mermaid Linden on Facebook and Twitter. The official YouTube channel for the Mermaid Minute is mermaidsinmotion.

Just For Fins

Fans of the 'Fins' series of teen novels by Tera Lynn Childs have been waiting somewhat impatiently for news of a third book in the series. 'Forgive My Fins' and 'Fins Are Forever' are both excellent books, but they do leave a number of plot lines unresolved.

The third book is called 'Just For Fins', and it will be available on July 3, 2012. The book may be pre-ordered now at or Barnes and Noble for $10.52. A friend of mine was heard to say, "I am soooo pre-ordering!"  Note that you don't have to be a teen to enjoy these books.

The Fins series follows the adventures of Lily, a student at Seaview High School and a girl with a secret... she is also a mermaid princess.  For more information on these books, see my earlier blog post, Mermaid Adventures.

Ms. Childs can be found on Twitter as well as her very own web site.

Best wishes and starfishes,
-Mermaid Cynthia
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