Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Making (Sand) Dollars

Despite the chlorine and salt water in their eyes, professional mermaids really enjoy their jobs. Join Bloomberg Business Week and professional mermaid Linden Wolbert as they discuss the many businesses that sprung up around the growing mermaid community.
Mermaid Linden Wolbert

"The larger mermaid economy is as diverse as sea life itself."

The Bloomberg article by Caroline Winter includes a 3.5 minute video. Find out more about Mermaid Linden at her web site, Mermaids In Motion. You may also wish to check out the blog post I did with Mermaid Linden back in February of 2012.

Aquatic Ape Theory

An August article at Exemplore explains the Aquatic Ape Theory, and discusses whether it can be used as proof that mermaids exist.

"Like any cryptid with an enduring legacy, mermaids are still seen around the world today. Unfortunately, there is also the occasional hoax, manipulated video footage, and plain-old honest mistake."

The article also includes a discussion of what real-life mermaids would be like. Intelligent for sure, but what other traits would they have?

An interesting article on a controversial topic, certainly worth a read.

Best wishes and starfishes,
-Mermaid Cynthia
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