Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Mermaid, A Review

A. Gynoid of Second Life would like to share her views of the Chinese movie, The Mermaid.
Hiya Cynthia! Recently watched Steven Chow’s latest movie, The Mermaid (2016). I liked it a lot! If you can appreciate a subtitled foreign language comedy film, I think you would like The Mermaid. 
Stephen Chow has made a no-holds-barred wacky comedy. A laugh every minute. A high-budget production pretending to be a low budget production. Makes zero compromises for western audiences. It’s a Hong Kong film for Chinese audiences. 
Possibly the best comedy I’ve seen in 10 years, and it’s all about mermaids and stuff.
For more information, check out the movie at IMDB.

Merfolk Walk Among Us

Recently, Riveted editorial board member Diego M. Rodriguez began to suspect that a few of his co-workers might be mermaids.

"But there’s tons of evidence if you look for it, and I’ve decided to share this information with you, dear reader, so that you, too, may be able to identify the mermaids in your life."

Mr. Rodriguez has gathered seven reasons to suspect his co-workers. "Their hair is always perfect", is one example. Check out the other reasons in his fun article.

Myths vs Internet

In an article published in mid May, columnist Sara Coughlin wrote, "Actual Mermaid Myths Are Not At All Like The Mermaids Of The Internet."

"The actual mermaids of myth and legend were not cool. A lot of the time, they were kind of evil."

Read the full story in the article found at Refinery29.

Best wishes and starfishes,
-Mermaid Cynthia
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