Sunday, April 30, 2017

The London Merfolk

In an article found at Londonist, writer Gillian Fisher introduces us to London's Real-Life Mermaids And Mermen. Among them is Merfolk UK convention organizer Jessica Pennington.

Ms. Fisher also introduces us to professional mermaids Aura Bella and Lily Rose, and merman Siki Red.

"Silicon tails cost upwards of £1,500 and are mostly ordered from America. But the UK market is growing and one tail artisan is London-based Siki Red Fins; he's sporting one of his own creations."

Plenty of great photos in the article, so be sure to take a look.

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Earth Day Mermaid

In a recent article at Hello Giggles, Ashley Nada reminds us that mermaids celebrate Earth Day because it's their planet, too.

We can no longer wait until Earth Day to care for our planet. Earth Day 2017 has come and gone, but there is still work to be done. Spend an hour or two each month picking up discarded items at beaches, lakes, or around your neighborhood.

You, too, can be an Earth Day mermaid or merman.

Mermaid Tiles

When it is time to redecorate your kitchen or bathroom, add a touch of the mermaid spirit with mermaid tiles. An article at Popsugar has plenty of photos to inspire the decorator in you.

The article by Maggie Winterfeldt features 16 photos of mermaid inspired tile work from Pinterest.

"Previously seen in coastal homes, these scale-like tiles have hit the mainstream, and Pinterest is reporting that interest in mermaid scales is up 100 percent year over year."

My favorite would have to be the kitchen in photo number two.

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