Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Siren on Freeform

Coming to Freeform TV in late March, 2018 is Siren, a thriller where mermaid legends come to life.

The two-hour series premiere airs on March 29th, but you can watch the official trailer now on the program's web page.

"Siren is based on a story by Eric Wald and Dean White who both serve as executive producers."

One look at the trailer, and it is clear that this series is not like the ones you have watched in the past.

Paper Mermaids

The Quint shares with us the story of an Ahmedabad (western India) artist that has created beautiful 'Mermaids in Sarees' out of paper.

Parth Kothekar loves mermaids, and has developed a talent for paper cutting, an artform originally from China.

"One day, while making graffiti, I imagined stencils in their reverse forms. I followed the idea and was fascinated by my own work."

The article includes a number of examples of the artist's work.

Underwater Santa

The Seoul Aquarium recently celebrated Christmas with an underwater Santa, who was found swimming with mermaids and manta rays.

You can share in the fun with this photo collection found at Global Times China.

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