Phoebe Tonkin Live Chat

I did an article on the Australian television show, H2O: Just Add Water in my 15 February 2012 blog post. In that article, I mentioned being part of a Twitter live chat with Phoebe Tonkin who played Cleo in the show. At the time, I could not locate the text of the chat.

In December of 2012, I was able to locate some of the tweets from the chat which took place on October 17, 2009 by scrolling back in Twitter over 3 years. I don't have everyone's contribution, but I do have quite a bit. The names of other members of the chat have been shortened for privacy.

At this point, let me say that I have no proof that it was the real Phoebe Tonkin. I'd like to believe it was.


Phoebe Jane Tonkin @TonkinPhoebe: LIVE TWEET starts now :)

Phoebe: (to Lil) thanks for writing in! im great how are you?

Phoebe: (to Irene) thanks for tweeting in to the live tweet! i haven't ever been to Spain but i will tell you that i would like to come :)

Cynthia @CynthiaMermaid: @TonkinPhoebe arriving with a splash!

Phoebe: @cynthiamermaid hello! thanks for tweeting in during the live tweet

Phoebe: (to Maddie) hello thanks for tweeting in for the live tweet. how are you today?

Phoebe: (to Allison) thanks for tweeting in during the live tweet! no H2o is not over! season 3 is coming out and possibly a season 4 and a movie

Phoebe: (to Deg) thanks for tweeting in during the live tweet! im sorry but i dont understand your question. could you rephrase it?

Phoebe: (to Miley) thanks for tweeting in during the live tweet! sorry but your question was cut [off], please re-tweet it :)

Phoebe: (to Suray) thanks for tweeting in during the live tweet H2O is pushed back for personal cast reasons im sorry but they can not be told

Phoebe: (to Maddie) your welcome! glad you are happy. im doing very well, im little on the sick side right now but hopefully i will get over it!

Phoebe: (to Irene) your welcome! but i don't play any instruments or sing. just acting and modeling and dancing :]

Phoebe: (to Miley) well for starters my new favorite movie is twilight and im not sure about my actress right now but i really like Kate Hudson

Cynthia: @TonkinPhoebe Like the idea of a possible movie in the future

Phoebe: @cynthiamermaid i do have a movie actually, currently in filming

Phoebe: (to Coki) thanks for tweeting in during the live tweet! what would you like to ask?

Phoebe: (to Miley) well H2O [season 3] is now coming out next year for every country. but in the UK it has already premiered.

Phoebe: (to Suray) H2o is being pushed back because of cast conflicts and personals reasons between some of the cast members

Phoebe: (to Maddie) yes i know about that, im not sure if its continuing in the USA or not

Phoebe: (to Deg) yes i have been to England and i am currently in the AU but i will be revisiting there soon :)

Phoebe: (to Miley) oh my goodness! i think that edward (rob) is adorable! is one of my favorite male actors!

Phoebe: (to Allison) If you live in the UK then it has already premiered but that is the only country its showing in, other countries must wait

Phoebe: (to Maddie) i know. i understand that stinks. but the internet is always an option to look up episodes.

Phoebe: (to Maddie) @claire_holt has been filming behind the scenes for her new movie. then she was in the UK with @evansindiana and is home now

Phoebe: (to Coki) i do NOT have hi5 but i do have a myspace account

Phoebe: (to Deg) Claire is not living in the usa anymore, she has recently returned home :]

Phoebe: (to Miley) it should be :) in 2010

Phoebe: (to Maddie) it should, the first 2 episodes have already been aired and the 3rd is coming out on friday

Phoebe: (to Allison) your welcome :D it is a bummer but better late than never

Phoebe: (to Miley) yes your probably the only one. but i do think zac efron is handsome as well also i have been to Europe and will be returning

Phoebe: (to Maddie) i dont but i will ask her when she gets home from filming alright :D

Phoebe: (to Priv) thanks for tweeting in during the live tweet! more will be coming soon!

Phoebe: (to Coki) yes that is true. i try to ignore them. and yes i do have a fan email its:

Phoebe: (to Deg) yes it was and it was the messengers 2

Phoebe: (to Irene) thank you! um were you trying to ask what gifts i got for my birthday today? sorry i couldn't understand the question

Phoebe: (to Maddie) thanks. tell her to tweet me and i will tweet her :D haha

Cynthia: @TonkinPhoebe How is Angus (Lewis) these days?

Phoebe: @cynthiamermaid Angus is great! thanks for asking. he has a new tv show coming up

Phoebe: (to Coki) im online [here] but not on myspace at this moment

Phoebe: (to Miley) that would be nice but i usually travel to Paris or London

Phoebe: (to Irene) well today i got some checks for money and a very nice purse from @evansindiana and @claire_holt got me a shirt from GUESS

Phoebe: (to Maur) thanks for tweeting in during the live tweet! yes H2O is not coming out until 2010

Cynthia: @TonkinPhoebe Thank you so much for taking time to have this live tweet. We appreciate it!

Phoebe: @cynthiamermaid your welcome! its very fun and i love tweeting fans.

Phoebe: (to Miley) yes and they are very beautiful!

Phoebe: (to Coki) im sorry i don't comment pictures

Phoebe: (to Deg) well a H2O spin off movie is being made :)

Phoebe: (to Miley) of course, i understood what you meant :]


Phoebe: (to Coki) i will email you back on my fan email address is that is what you are asking

Phoebe: (to Miley) well when you travel it will be so much fun! so you are from Finland?

Phoebe: (to Coki) yes i will add you. just email me at that address :]

Phoebe: (to Coki) i only follow people i know, but every 1000 followers i pick some one to follow. it could be you maybe!

Phoebe: (to Miley) actually a lot of celebrities do these you just have to know when they are. @selenagomez does them all the time :]

Phoebe: (to Maddie) no im sorry i dont, i will have to ask her

Phoebe: (to Miley) that sounds fun! Italy sounds beautiful. yes i was wondering if you could teach me how to say hello in finnish?! :D

Phoebe: (to Maddie) yes i do. its:

Phoebe: (to Coki) thank you!

Phoebe: (to Miley) oh i see. that is a good point. i believe @claire_holt and @evansindiana will be having some soon too

Phoebe: (to Nick) thanks for tweeting in during the live tweet! its nice to have you tweet me all the way from holland

Phoebe: (to Irene) thanks. i do know some words but not many

Phoebe: (to Maddie) email me and i will respond :]

Phoebe: (to Coki) thank you, im glad you like the show

Phoebe: (to Miley) very cool! i know of "hei" because i speak Norwegian! i have a cousin from norway and she has tought me many things

Phoebe: (to Deg) maybe i will. but im not sure if the premiere would be in England. i will most likely be here or Paris

Phoebe: (to Maddie) yes just email my fan email and i will respond

Phoebe: (to Miley) yes :D its really neat. you have talked with @cariba_heine?

Phoebe: (to Coki) i agree :]

Phoebe: (to Maddie) i will tweet her but tell her she must tweet me first and very soon because the live tweet will be over in about 10 minutes

Phoebe: (to Miley) very neat :]

Phoebe: (to Dag) yes i have heard of them

Phoebe: 10 MORE MINUTES OF THE LIVE TWEET. then the tweet is over!

Phoebe: (to Miley) wow that is different, was it a the real cariba or a fake? make sure its @cariba_heine that is the real one :]

Phoebe: (to Miley) well that's great that she tweeted you! im sorry but i have to go. and were you involved in helping me get to 1000 followers?

Phoebe: (to Irene) thank you! sorry but i only follow people i know. also the live tweet is over so im sorry but i have to say good bye

Phoebe: (to Miley) wow thats great :D

Phoebe: (to Deg) maybe i will do twitpics, but right now i dont. but the live tweet is over now. so i have to say good bye! thanks for tweeting!

Phoebe: (to Nick) sorry the live tweet is over now. but i will say that i love the singer @taylorswift13

Phoebe: (to Miley) yes the next one :D but did you tell people to follow me already by mentioning @tonkinphoebe before today?

Phoebe: (to Maddie) acutally im going right now, i will email you back though ok? byyee!

Phoebe: (to Irene) bye :D

Cynthia: @TonkinPhoebe Have a great weekend, sister mermaid!

Phoebe: @cynthiamermaid goodbye and thank you!

Phoebe: (to Miley) thankyou! and great news! your the lucky winner that me and the rest of the H2O cast will follow and tweet! congratulations!

Phoebe: (to Maddie) bye :D yes we will talk soon!



Learn more about Phoebe Tonkin at this web site. Some good information, tho not a good choice of color scheme.