Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Second Life Merfolk

Currently, sunny and... 41 degrees (5 degrees Celsius).  Not mermaid weather for sure.

In my last blog post, we were advised by author Margot Datz to (1) Improvise oceans, and (2) Seek the company of other mermaids.  One way to do both is to join the active community of merfolk in the virtual world of Second Life.

In Second Life, you can transform your avatar into mermaid form in under 30 seconds.  Hundreds of colorful tails are available by a number of vendors.  Prices range from free to $5.  Swim around the ocean, chase a sailboat or two, and be back in human form for an evening concert.  Of course, once you get your tail wet, you many never want to leave the water!

You are not alone in this virtual world.  The group 'Safe Waters Foundation' has meetings each Saturday morning.  New merfolk are encouraged to ask questions, and everyone is given time to share information such as their favorite places to shop and swim.  The SWF headquarters contains information on mer mentors, shopping, places to explore, and tours of underwater areas. Grace, the group's founder says, "Safe Waters Foundation is a not-for-profit group supporting the development of harmony and safety for merfolk and aquatics of Second Life. We bring together designers, retailers, sims (blocks of land and/or water), merrow, mermen, mermaids, sirens, aquatics and lovers of same."

Safe Waters Foundation meeting - Feb 2011
For a mermaid or merman, interacting with humans in Second Life can be great fun.  While merfolk are not uncommon here, there is always a chance that you will be the first merperson someone meets...

Bob: psssstt... there's a mermaid in the water, Deb.
Debbie: oooh
Debbie: I've never seen a mermaid yet
Debbie: hi :)
Jane: ooh I'm a part time mermaid
Cynthia: hello
Debbie: omg ok i rreeeeally want a mermaid outfit
Jane: have a great sea garden
Bob: Hi, Cynthia
Bob: What's the best tuna?
Debbie: tha's fabulous!
Debbie shakes her finger at Bob
Bob: singing... Ask any mermaid you happen to see....
Debbie: lol you goof :P
Bob: grinnin
Cynthia: teehee
Bob: Never had the opportunity before.
Bob: Bye, Cynthia
Cynthia: bye

All names except mine have been changed for privacy.  The above chance meeting was fun for several reasons.  I love the way Debbie called Bob a goof for asking me what the best tuna is.  He just never had the opportunity before.  And... Debbie almost turned mer on the spot!  Poor Jane, they totally ignored her.

Even though this is a virtual world, many people react to seeing a mermaid much as they would in real life...

Early picture of Mermaid Cynthia in SL
Cynthia: Hello
Sara: HEY!!!!
Sara: wow, you're beautiful
Cynthia: thank you
Sara: I love mermaids
Cynthia smiles
Sara: wow!!
Sara: ahaa I got a little excited when I first saw you, and fell right into the ocean

A friend and I were swimming near an island when we came across a couple in a sailboat...

Bill: I see mermaids
Laura: do I need to tie you to the mast, Bill???

In my final example, Dave sees a dot on the map and goes underwater to see who could be there...

Dave: hmm....I think you are better adapted to this environment than
Cynthia: there you are
Dave: yeah....thats me...the one holding his breath
Cynthia: please don't turn blue
Dave: oh I dunno....then maybe you'd be compelled to save me

If you are not yet a member of Second Life, and decide to give it a try, be sure to say Hello.  My Second Life name is Cynthia Maine.

A big wave and splash to my mer friends in Hawaii, where it's almost always mermaid weather!

Best wishes and starfishes,
-Mermaid Cynthia
cynthia (at)


  1. Tala' Cynthia, I enjoy the calm quiet of the sea, the lighting calm, the atmosphere still, occasionally I assend to take a look around. If there are humans around nine times out of ten I am greated with a smile. Much like you descibe in your post ussually I surface to a person who has never see Merfolk before. There smile comes across in there exchnge. I race through the water along side of yachts breaking the surface to cross infront of the bow. People expect to see Dolphin there but when the flat grey is replaced by a pink and purple streak their imaginations come alive. There is an obligitory silece almost as if they are contemplating the reality of there vision. I have a friend that spends a great deal of time on the ocean in SL and she told me the other day that she could always recognise me by my color splash dashing just below the surface of the water. When I do rise from the depths into the world of bi-peds it is nice to be greated with a smile. May you and yours be graced by safe waters. *Winks* and blows bubble hearts to you.

    Violet ....>)))*> the bow runner and friend.

  2. Hello there, I can't see how to contact you, so I'm hoping you'll see this comment and reply.

    I'm a UK writer who has just finished a new e-book with a definite mermaid angle, and I am offering it out for review. I would love to send you a free copy, if you would be so kind as to include mention of it in your site (provided you like the story of course!)

    You can contact me on

  3. Ahhh! I so wish Second Life could run smoothly on my computer! I've always loved mermaids and I want to eventually buy myself a tail in RL. But SL is the best for mermaids from what I've found so far. IMVU kinda sucks cause you can't move on your own! But I'd love to meet you when I can get a new pc and figure out more of Second Life in the future!