Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Two Short Splashes

Book Review

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing a novella by English author, Matthew Wingett.  Turn The Tides Gently is set on the island city of Portsmouth, England, and follows the unique adventures of a young man named Dave.  Dave has visions...  Visions of the past, and visions of the present.  They always seem so real.  But the mermaid, SHE was real, right?  As the story unfolds, Dave's dreamy world is changing, and we are following the magic.

The mermaid is, of course, a very important character in this story.  Everyone can enjoy this story, but a mermaid or mermaid fan may wish the mermaid in the story had a larger role.  The story captures our heart as we learn of the many people in Dave's world, including his late brother Jack, and his mother who rejects him.

Turn The Tides Gently is available on Amazon, and you can follow Matthew Wingett on Twitter at @TurnTheTidesGen.

BE a Mermaid or Merman

We merfolk are often asked, "How can I be a mermaid (or merman)?"  The internet is full of rituals, potions, and other useless procedures.  These only serve to embarass the intended merperson.  In this article, I will provide what I believe to be a reasonable procedure for becoming a mermaid, short of genetic alteration which is currently unavailable.  A similar procedure would apply for guys wanting to be mermen.

The first step is to say to yourself (or out loud if you prefer), "I am a mermaid."

Okay, now that you're a mermaid, you are going to most likely want/need a fish-tail.  Even without a tail, your mermaid identity lives in your heart and soul.  You ARE a mermaid.

Once you have decided that you need a tail, you have an important choice to make: buy one, or make your own.  In either case, it is important to do plenty of research before you pay a single dollar / pound / euro / seashell.  The best source of information that I know of for purchasing or creating a mer tail is the MerNetwork forum.

Mermaid tails can be fabric, neoprene, or silicone...  silicone being the most expensive.  Most tails are made for swimming, but some are made specifically for dry land photography use.  Tails are usually custom sized for the purchaser using several measurements, and it can be very difficult or nearly impossible to buy a second-hand tail that actually fits properly.

Before you start splashing around in your new tail, make sure your swimming skills are up to par. Take lessons if you need to.  Are you comfortable being underwater for a period of time?  Do you have someone that can be nearby when you swim?  Swimming alone is dangerous.

The final step in your transformation to mermaid/merman is to periodically seek inspiration.  Enjoy the company of other merfolk, read books, including those we talked about in my first article, watch mermaid themed movies/television, and join in on the conversation on the MerNetwork forum.

Best Wishes and Starfishes,
-Mermaid Cynthia
cynthia (at) goldmermaid.com

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