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Aquaria and More

The Mermaid Problem

This is an adult topic...  If this is not of interest to you, feel free to skip to the second topic.

Literature in which mermaids play a part occasionally mention The Mermaid Problem. It appears to be important enough that there is an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to the subject. [Update 1/24/18: The Wikipedia page has been removed.]

Basicly, The Problem involves the inability of a human male to 'make love' with a mermaid.

Fortunately, The Problem does not hamper the writings of author P. C. Cast in her book, Goddess of the Sea. While definately an adult novel, it is an excellent read for a number of reasons.

Mermaid Dreams Fulfilled

In a story that dates back to February of 2009, we meet a New Zealander by the name of Nadya Vessey. Having lost both legs to the knee when she was a child, she contacted Weta Workshop, and they agreed to create a mermaid tail for her.  Here is the full story.

Note to mermaid tail makers, the tail fin (fluke) on this tail is one of the best I have seen!

Approximately a month after the first article appeared, a follow-up article was posted by ABC News.


Although not a mermaid themed game, Aquaria does take place under water. Naija is a lone under water dweller in search of her family. Guide her as she explores caves, open sea, a kelp forest, and the mysterious darkness that is found in deeper waters.

Aquaria is the creation of Bit Blot, LLC. The game is available on several platorms including PC, Mac, and iPad. A level creator is included so that you can create your own game levels.

Aquaria, winner of the Seumas McNally Grand Prize at the 2007 Independent Games Festival, features over 175 strange and wonderful creatures (including several massive and ancient "bosses"), 8 magical forms with unique abilities, 50 original music tracks, and over 2000 pieces of hand-painted 2D artwork.

The goal of Bit Blot is to make unique games with compelling stories and game-play.


According to my blog statistics, I have readers from many parts of the world. Here are a few international web sites with a mermaid theme that you may enjoy. The first is a Spanish language site called Sirenas. The other is a German language site called Mermaid Mania.

If you are aware of any other non-English language mermaid themed sites, please let me know.

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  1. Thank you for writing. I too am planning on starting a blog, but mostly about the people behind the Mer persona's, etc.

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