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Mermaid Kariel Revisited

We first met Mermaid Kariel back in my 19 February 2012 blog post. Around that time, I asked her if I could enhance the blog post with a few interview questions. Since then, we have been playing mermaid tag (similar to phone tag), and we just recently got in touch with each other. Let's return to Hawaii and see what Mermaid Kariel has to say.

Cynthia: Your web site lists 3 hotels where people can meet you.  Do you teach your Fin To Fitness class at all three of them?
Kariel: I only teach Fin To Fitness at the Ihilani JW Marriott. At the other two hotels, I entertain the guests by teaching their kids self esteem and inspire them to share their talents. I do this by reading them my book, symbolic face painting and coaxing the children to show off their talent in front of the group. Then we head to the pool and the children get to swim and play water games with me.

Cynthia: I am interested in hearing about unexpected encounters with humans (divers for example) when you are out swimming.  Do you wave at passing sailboats?
Mermaid Kariel
Kariel: All the time. There is a place I love to swim with many fish to play with. Usually boats and tour boats will stop there. In the beginning this shocked the crew and the guests. Now I have  relationships with the tour boat owners and they love when I help their guests find a mermaid in the waters!

Funny things have happened. Years ago, the first time I went out in the ocean with my blue tail I did not wear goggles. My girlfriend made a lycra tail and went with me for her first time as well, again with no mask. We swam about a mile out. Were we dumb for doing this... maybe, but we were seeking the thrill of feeling like real mermaids! All of the sudden in the middle of nowhere in the ocean we were alone. We saw this blurry giant gray blob. We froze... peeing in our tails! We thought it was a shark staring right at us. We were both frozen and saying, "Do you see that?" We were both scared to duck our heads under and see the burry image again. But when we did it was gone. We will always remember our first day and our freaky encounter!

It has been about 4 years since that day and my husband was flying to Bangkok with a new pilot. They got to talking and they put together that he was that big gray blob that day!  He described the day as being rainy and overcast, he was out on a boat with friends. No one wanted to dive with him, so he jumped off the boat and went alone. He froze when he saw two mermaids in the middle of the ocean. When he got back to the boat his friends were haggling him, "So did you see anything cool?" He replied Yes, I saw two blonde mermaids!! No one believed him. Needless to say, that pilot can't wait to meet me and tell his friends that he wasn't lying! Ha ha ha. That is just one story of many! Its a small island here on Oahu.

Photo by Alicia Franco
Cynthia: What would be your favorite mermaid themed books and/or movies?
Kariel: Little Mermaid by Disney.

Cynthia: What is your favorite color for your mermaid tail?
Kariel: Aqua, but im working on red right now. Red is my color of the year. It's symbolically going to inspire me to be FIERCE!

Cynthia: Do you have any advice for those new to being professional mermaids?
Kariel: Think outside of your normal box. It's all what you make of it. You have to go out and sell yourself just like any other sales job!

Cynthia: Tell us about any activities of yours related to protecting the environment.
Kariel: I do love the environment, however as far as taking a philanthropy approach I am more children based. I'm passionate about coaxing children into being great leaders of our future. I want children to be confident in themselves to use their talents to better our world and future. I help my husband run Angel Flight West which is a non profit that flies people in need when they have no other options. We fly lots of children. Also, we feed and serve at the Ronald McDonald house on holidays, and of course I help and inspire kids for a living! If I'm putting my energy into something, then you better bet its for the greater good.

Cynthia: Any final words for my blog readers?
Kariel: When you put all your heart into your talent then dreams really do come true. But it's no luck. You have to make it happen and believe in yourself!

Cynthia: Thank you, Kariel!  Please keep in touch. We're always ready to hear another good mermaid story!

Be sure to visit Kariel's web site and look for her on Facebook.

Best wishes and starfishes,
-Mermaid Cynthia
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