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Mermaid Kylee

In my previous blog post, Mermaid Marie told us how much of an inspiration the Weeki Wachee mermaids were to her.  Today we will be meeting one such mermaid.  Please welcome Mermaid Kylee from Florida.

Cynthia: Welcome, Kylee.  Please tell us about yourself.
Kylee: Hello, I am Mermaid Kylee and I am from a small country town called Kent City which is located in Michigan. But I did not spend my whole life in Michigan because my family owned a home in Michigan and in Florida. We spent holidays and summer breaks in Florida and most of the school year in Michigan. However, when I was 13 I became a signed model for Michele Pommier Management of Miami Beach, Florida and we moved to Florida Permanently.

Cynthia: How did you find out that you were born to be a mermaid?
Kylee: As young as I can remember when I would get into the water, take a deep breath, and swim as far as I could, I would make no splashing noises and would not come up for air. I discovered a very surreal feeling that would allow me to be clam, peaceful and I was able to hold my breath all the way to the other end of the pool. I think then I just knew I was different and the love I had for the water was special. I have always been super fast at underwater swimming and loved being able to swim like the fishes. I think I was born to be a mermaid.

Cynthia: Tell us about Weeki Wachee Springs State Park and your role there.
Kylee: Every year hundreds of girls apply and tryout to be a Mermaid, but only a select few ever are chosen. Then many of the girls that do get picked can’t hack the job, do not stay and never make Mermaid Status because of the difficult job duties and training we endure. Yet, I was a lucky one! I was picked to become a World Famous Weeki Wachee Mermaid and I am going on my fourth year of being a mermaid. It is the best Career! I get to swim in the beautiful spring, put on colorful mermaid makeup, jewelry, and my tail. Then perform for many visitors who come to the park hoping to get a chance to see a real live mermaid. I feel like I get to help make dreams come true for so many mermaid lovers.

Mermaid Kylee - Star Moments Photography
Cynthia: Isn't there is a special event going on there in July?
Kylee: Yes, this is a very special event, July 13-15 is our 65 Year Mermaid Reunion. It is going to be the mermaid event of a life time! People are coming from all over the world to see our special reunion shows. There are hundreds of mermaids who are attending and many visitors. There will be mermaid vendor booths all throughout the park, music, dancing and many fun filled mermaid events.

Cynthia: Are you active in environmental work?
Kylee: Yes, I am very passionate about making a change and helping out youth in today’s troubled economy. There is so many great things going on in the world but so many children are stuck inside their homes and never explore what the world has to offer. It is important to make a difference and help get our youth off the couch, off the computers, away from the television. Children need to enjoy and discover the outdoors. Visit a state park in your area and volunteer over the summer to help keep our state parks beautiful. So many cut backs are happening all over the United States and I just feel if we all helped out just a little it could make a BIG difference.

Cynthia: Are you active in other groups?
Kylee: Yes, I support the foundation of the awareness for Breast Cancer. This is a Cancer that takes so many lives and the best defense against breast cancer is finding it early. I hope to inspirer my fans to support this cause as well and would like to let my friends and mermaid fans know that this is something I feel empowered to promote.  Please help me spread the word to others and give your support to spread Breast Cancer Awareness or for more info please go to the web site for Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

I would love if everyone would help share my Facebook page and raise my likes. My page is: Mermaid Kylee ~ Mrs. Weeki Wachee International Mermaid.

If you are looking to find out more about mermaids or life as a Weeki Wachee Mermaid please go to my fan page. I share weekly mermaid videos and special mermaid photos and you can even keep up with mermaid news and what’s up with mermaids around the world.

Cynthia: You were at the Las Vegas mermaid convention in 2011. Did you enjoy your time there?
Kylee: Yes, I enjoyed the Las Vegas mermaid convention 2011. It was a wonderful event! From meeting my fans and autograph signings to the special underwater magazine photo shoots, the VIP Party and so much more. It was a weekend full of wonderful mermaid events. I made many mermaid friends and enjoyed the connection I made with so many mermaid enthusiasts.

I am so looking forward to seeing everyone again and meeting new fans at Mer-Palooza August 10-12, 2012 in Orlando. So please make sure you come get your photo taken with me and I will be signing autographs and will be performing. You will also be able to see The Special Show. I will be performing a dance that will open your eyes and hearts to help find a cure for Breast Cancer!

Cynthia: Do you do modeling or perform at events outside of Weeki Wachee?
Kylee: I am the current Mrs. Weeki Wachee and hold the title as the International Mermaid which allows me to do many unique opportunities in the Mermaid Pageant World. But my sole commitment is to my Career as a Weeki Wachee Mermaid and I do get to attend many events and do some mermaid modeling for the park. I have had the some amazing opportunities with Weeki as a World Famous Weeki Wachee Mermaid; I was able to perform in the Georgia and Florida Aquarium and was on SubaNation and in a music video. I have met people like Larry the Cable Guy and Jimmy Buffet. I am on a post card in our gift shop. I was just at our local Blueberry Festival and was one of the guest celebrities. Today I went with many of my mermaid sisters out to a military base to meet some local military heroes and sit in a military helicopter.

Mermaid Kylee
Cynthia: How did family and friends react initially to you being a mermaid?
Kylee: They Love it!  I have been modeling and dancing for years and I was born to be a performer (my mom always says). They enjoy watching my career grow and be a part of my life.

Cynthia: What other activities outside of mermaiding are you into?
Kylee: During the day, 365 days a year, 3 shows a day… I am a mermaid from 9-5, unless I have a day off. But as soon as I get my legs… I am off to my night time job which is my 2nd love! I own a dance studio with my amazing husband and we teach dance five nights a week to some many wonderful dance students. I have always felt my 18 years of dance training has been a huge contributed to my mermaid career.

Cynthia: Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
Kylee: Yes, our Tail Mail program. We want to hear from you!! In an effort to promote education, The Weeki Wachee Mermaids are answering letters from all students under the age of 17. To encourage literacy, and is a great way for your child to practice their best penmanship. Have your child hand write a letter to me Mermaid Kylee, or one of my mermaid sisters or prince asking anything about the environment they swim in or anything else mermaid related. Each child will receive an autographed picture of their favorite mermaid. The mermaids will read each letter and the video response will get posted on our Facebook fan page, Twitter page and YouTube channel, so don't forget to click the icons on our web site and become a fan today to see the latest images and news coming from the park. Feel free to have your child include any drawings they may want to include. Please do not choose more than one Mermaid or Prince to write to.

Your child may already have a favorite mermaid or they can choose one from our web site by going under mermaids and clicking the mermaid roster. Just make sure to include:
  1. Name of the child
  2. Age of the child
  3. Phone number
All letters can be sent to:
Weeki Wachee Springs State Park
Attn: “Tail Mail” Mermaid Kylee
6131 Commercial Way
Weeki Wachee, FL  34606
We look forward to your letters!

Cynthia: It was great chatting with you, Kylee.  Hugs and splashes to you!  Kids, Mermaid Kylee will be looking forward to reading your letters!

Best wishes and starfishes,
-Mermaid Cynthia
cynthia (at)

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