Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sailor Twain

Sailor Twain is a graphic novel by author and artist, Mark Siegel. I first mentioned Sailor Twain in my August 15th blog post, but since the book has just come out, it is time to take another look.

The year is 1887, and the steamboat Lorelei is traveling up and down the Hudson River. Join the Captain on his adventure which promises mystery, intrigue and romance.

Sailor Twain, or as it is otherwise known, The Mermaid In The Hudson, was originally presented as a web comic. New pages were uploaded every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Each page is accompanied by a blog entry where the author shares background information and asks questions of the readers. At the bottom, reader comments can be found. This interaction was key to producing a most excellent work.

The book is now available at Amazon and other retailers, but the first five chapters remain online for merfolk and humans to discover. To begin your journey, visit the Sailor Twain web site and click on the Chapters button.

Note that this is not the kind of story that you should rush through. It is a 'float on your back' reading experience, not a 'chased by a sea creature' kind of story. Take the time to enjoy the artwork as the story unfolds. Take the time to view the blog entries and the reader comments.

A number of online articles have been written about Sailor Twain, and each one has had high praise for the novel. Check out the articles from Boing Boing and The LA Times.

Great job, Mark!

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