Friday, February 1, 2013

News Shell 12

After being tossed by the waves and scratched by the rocks, our latest News Shell winds up partially burried in the sand. Join me once again as we discover what's happening in the mermaid world.

Mermaid Perfume

I very recently had the pleasure of sampling a new perfume called Mermaid Perfume, and I found the orange blossom scent to be very pleasant. Mermaid Perfume is the product of an anonomous celebrity: a surfer, mermaid lover, and beach lover. The web site describes the perfume as 'Mysterious, Romantic, and Ethereal', and I find this to be an accurate description.

In addition to the perfume, perfume oil and scented candles are available.

During the past few days I have exchanged a number of emails with a representative of the company. She has been very friendly and helpful.

Ordering information can be found on the Mermaid Perfume web site. You can also connect with Mermaid Perfume on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Seahorse Facts

Another article on io9 provides 'True Facts' about our friend the seahorse in the form of a short video. In the article, the seahorse is described as 'nature's most romantic and poorly made creature.'

How much do you really know about the seahorse? Watch the video and see if you don't learn a few things. While certainly factual, the narration of the video can best be described as PG (parental guidance suggested).

Aquarius Science Lab

Aquarius is the name of an undersea science lab. The last undersea science lab as a matter of fact. Funding cuts once threatened the lab, but new funding is allowing the lab's upkeep to continue. Scientific study will have to wait for futher funding to be made available.

Read the full story of Aquarius in this article from BoingBoing by Brian Lam.

Mesmerized by Mermaids

Mae Clair is an author and blogger. Her most recent Mythical Monday blog post was entitled, 'Mesmerized by Mermaids'. She had planned to cover nautical folklore at a later time, but found the pull of the sea too hard to resist.

In this Mythical Monday blog post from January 28, 2013, Mae Clair discusses The Little Mermaid, and how the story relates to other mermaid legends.

Reader Question

Q: Can I ask you about making a mermaid tail? I have a custom design and would like to find a cost-effective way to make it.

A: My advice would be to visit as they have a lot of information on tail-making. The members of the forum are always ready to answer specific questions.

Best wishes and starfishes,
-Mermaid Cynthia
cynthia (at)

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