Monday, September 16, 2013

The Twilight Swimmer

This week, I am very pleased to be able to introduce you to The Twilight Swimmer, a young-adult novel by A C Kavich. The title is available on Amazon and Amazon UK, and the Kindle version of the novel will be available for free from 9/16/13 to 9/20/13.

"Night after night, sixteen-year-old Brandi Vine is drawn to a rocky New England beach. The very spot where her sister's lifeless body washed ashore after a night spent swimming alone. Brandi mourns beside the cold water, unaware of the haunting gray eyes watching her from beneath the waves... Brandi soon yields herself to a forbidden romance with the young man beneath the water, the only one who can unlock the mystery of her sister's final swim."

I hope you will enjoy reading this novel as much as I am.

Mako Mermaids Update

On Sunday, September 15th, Netflix released the remaining 13 episodes of Mako Mermaids season one. The second half opens with school principal Rita risking exposure as a mermaid.

What do you think of Mako Mermaids? The show appears to have quite a following with mermaid fans, and my original blog post on the show continues to receive more views than any other individual post.

Send me your comments on the show at the email address below, positive or negative, and I will share them with my readers.

Mermaid Swim Fin

When your young one tells you she wants to learn to swim like a mermaid, this Mermaid Swim Fin may be just the thing. The swim fin is actually a small mono-fin, comes in pink or purple, and fits children's sizes 1 to 7. The fin is manufactured by Finis, THE name in mono-fins.

San Marcos Mermaids

Blogger Gerard Vlemmings, otherwise known as The Presurfer, brings to our attention an article in Collector's Weekly, "The Real Mermaids of San Marcos, Texas."

The Aquarena in San Marcos is no longer a reality, though residents remember it fondly. Get your 'Daily Dose of Diversion' in this little bit of Texas history.

SL Mermaid Dances

The merfolk of Second Life (SL) love music, and they love to dance. The photo below is from a recent mermaid dance which is held on a weekly basis. If you are a mermaid or merman in the virtual world of Second Life, watch for event notices in the popular mermaid groups. For those that are not yet a member of an SL mermaid group, send me an email and I will suggest ones you can join.

Mermaid fans that haven't tried Second Life can get more information at as well as my first blog post on the subject.  Click the image to see it full-size.

Best wishes and starfishes,
-Mermaid Cynthia
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