Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dance With Sharks

Professional mermaid Hannah Fraser dances with sharks in this must-see video at The Huffington Post. The video features Hannah, without mermaid tail this time, and a generous number of tiger sharks.

Hannah says, "Humans are the real dangerous predators."  I would have to agree.

Put your headphones on and give the video a look, perhaps imagining yourself in her place.

Thank you, Arin Greenwood, for a fine article.

Live Mermaids in our Pool

Time to get out of the house and into the water! Over at the CGH (Cute Girls Hairstyles) blog, there is a report of mermaids in the pool!

"Rylan is my one child that has dreamt of being a princess or mermaid since she could barely talk. She had been begging so long for a mermaid swimming tail for her birthday, which was in March."

Head on over to CGH and see how Rylan and the other girls became mermaids with the help of Fin Fun Mermaid.

Scientific Paper

Oceanographer and biologist Karl Banse is the author of the scientific paper, "Mermaids: Their Biology, Culture, and Demise". Read the story behind the paper in this article at io9 by Mark Strauss.

"I love this paper simply because demonstrates the nerdy playfulness of scientists."

As Mark says, "Absolutely brilliant!"

Best wishes and starfishes,
-Mermaid Cynthia
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