Tuesday, October 14, 2014

NC Merfest 2015

The second annual North Carolina Merfest is set for this coming January, and that is really not that far off! Let's hear more from the event organizers:

NC Merfest is an annual celebration of all things mer! Carrying on its success from last year, Mermaids and Mermen from all corners of the country gather at the Triangle Aquatic Center in Cary, North Carolina to learn the ways of mermaiding for entertainment, performances, photography and more. We present the new mermaid a glimpse into the world of merfolk, and the established mermaid a chance to expand their existing talents. Offering classes, lectures, booths and networking opportunities, Merfest offers a space for the technical end of our art to be explored. It also provides a rare chance for the growing mermaid community to come together and celebrate as a large family.

New this year, the festivities will be joined by a fleet of fun-loving pirates, and activities for kids of all ages. Much like the mermaid-themed classes, aspiring and experienced pirate performers will receive lessons on firearms, swordplay, as well as proper look and attitude. For the children, there will be options to learn and play from pirates, or swim and play with the mermaids.

Also new this year, we are featuring some prominent guests. They include Hannah Fraser (long-time professional mermaid, ocean activist, performance artist and underwater model), Caribbean Pearl (pirate instructor and performer with a specialty in their fashions), Twig the Fairy (nationally acclaimed renn faire performer) and Robert Short (award-winning special effects artist of Splash, Beetlejuice, Cocoon and more). We will also have a few veteran performers from the famous Weeki Wachi Springs in Florida, and two of the biggest names in the tail making community, Mertailor and Finfolk Productions.

It's three days of mermaids, pirates and magic for everyone young and old. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event that's not to be missed. Visit our event web site to join us on the fun!

Ten Things

Did you know that Australia isn't the only country producing mermaid themed television? Add Korea and the Philippines to the list.

At the Viki Official Blog, Brittany Vo presents the article, Ten Things About Mermaids Bet You Didn’t Know. Now, I know my readers are quite knowledgable about mermaids, so perhaps you know many of these things already.

The article features performers from the television shows Surplus Princess and Dyesebel, and includes some great photos.

Best wishes and starfishes,
-Mermaid Cynthia
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  1. hi!
    do you know if it is still celebrated?
    because I can't find any info about it besides the one of 2015 :(

    1. The official website for NC Merfest (http://ncmerfest.com) mentions nothing after 2015, so I assume it is no longer happening. There is a state mer event, see https://www.visitnc.com/event/nZj6/mermaid-parade-festival