Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Journey Under the Sea

November 2014 saw the passing of well known author, R. A. Montgomery. Mr. Montgomery is best known for his 'Choose your own adventure' series of books for children. The second book in the series will be of special interest to mermaid fans, Journey Under the Sea.

"You are a highly experienced deep-sea explorer. But your search for the lost continent of Atlantis is the trip of a lifetime. It will be the most challenging and dangerous mission of your career. Many unknowns will test your courage, abilities, strengths, and judgment. And you will be using newly designed equipment that's never been tested."

Journey Under the Sea by R. A. Montgomery is available at Amazon in Paperback and Kindle editions. It is also available for Apple iOS devices via iBooks.

If you or your children enjoy the 'Choose your own adventure' style of story, be sure to look at R. A. Montgomery's other titles. A bio on Mr. Montgomery can be found at Wikipedia.

Spunky Princess

Entertainment Weekly celebrates the 25th anniversary of The Little Mermaid with an article dedicated to the spunky Disney princesses. The first such princess was, of course, Ariel.

"Ariel is first introduced as a rule-flouting adventurer, a rebel whose boundless curiosity leads her friend Flounder into danger."

The article by Esther Zuckerman includes a 3.5 minute clip of Ariel's solo, Part Of Your World.

More Mermaid Nails

Heloisa's blog, Get Best Nails, is featuring a design that might be perfect for mermaids. What is your favorite mermaid nails design?

Flying Sky High

The Daily Sun Mobi has news from Mabopane in Tshwane (South Africa) in which a ‘Mermaid’ was seen flying sky high. Was it a cloud formation or some kind of balloon?

“I heard people gasp and scream. There was a mermaid in the air. It came from the direction of the Morula Sun Casino.”

The article contains a photo that was sent to The Daily Sun. What do you think was in the sky?

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