Sunday, July 12, 2015

How to be a Mermaid

Author Erin Hayes has recently released the young-adult novella, How to be a Mermaid, part of the Falling in Deep Collection. The full collection will consist of 15 titles that feature mermaids and other creatures of the deep.

You can find more info and a synopsis of the book in this article by Maggie Castelluccio at Literary Winner. The site is also sponsoring a contest for a 'Mermaid Care Package' which ends this coming Wednesday, July 15th. Don't miss your chance to win this great collection of items which includes a signed copy of How to be a Mermaid.

Here is a message from Ms. Hayes...
Hi everyone! I'm so glad that Mermaid Cynthia reached out to me about my latest book, How to be a Mermaid. I've been writing and learning about mermaids - both real and fictional - to prepare for this book and I hope you enjoy it as much I did writing this story.
When I first started writing How to be a Mermaid, I knew next to nothing about professional mermaiding. I looked online, watched videos, and kept an eye on forums, but I didn’t think I’d get a chance to see a mermaid in real life. And if it wasn’t for the Georgia Aquarium’s Festival of the SEAson, I probably still wouldn’t have been able to.
As part of the Georgia Aquarium’s Christmas celebrations, the Weeki Wachee Mermaids did a special performance at the aquarium. I went to a meet and greet with one of the mermaids and watched them do a live show.
It was one of those defining moments in my life. Watching these mermaids perform was like watching fantasies come true. Up until that point, mermaids were a thing of myth or research for me.
The mermaids of Weeki Wachee brought them to life. 
While I was there, I also did a behind-the-scenes tour of the aquarium. My wonderful guide took me to areas where a lot of aquarium goers don’t venture. I got to see my favorite animals, the whale sharks, from a whole new perspective. I learned that they ship in food everyday from New Zealand for a particular animal’s diet. And I saw the inner workings of one of the world’s biggest aquariums. 
The mermaids were enchanting, but I found that the living, breathing aquarium was just as magical. There are far too many things on this earth that we take for granted. The beauty of the sea is one of them. 
The entire experience was eye-opening. A lot of conservation efforts are going on taking care of the animals and our oceans. If we don’t take care of our environment, there will be less opportunities for future generations to see the beautiful ocean and its creatures. 
We have a fantastical, magical world around us. And I appreciate all that real life mermaids do to celebrate and enhance the beauty of the ocean for all of us. I hope we get to enjoy our seas for years to come.
Thank you, Erin! How to be a Mermaid is available now at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I hope to have announcements of more titles in the Falling in Deep Collection in future blog posts. In the meantime, keep up with the Falling in Deep Collection at their Facebook site.

Best wishes and starfishes,
-Mermaid Cynthia
cynthia (at)

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