Tuesday, August 4, 2015

MI/NY Mermaid Schools

Elena Nannoshi, president of World of Swimming mermaid schools, is holding classes in Michigan thru August 7th. Her school in New York runs August 12th thru 14th. If these dates are too soon for you, more dates are planned for the fall.

All the details can be found in a Huffington Post article by Cameron Keady.

"On the first day of mermaid school, students are -- after learning how to safely put on their tail -- asked to come up with their own mermaid story."

The article includes a number of photos and a link to the school's web site. It's time to get your tail wet!

Mondays for Mermaids

Continuing our recent focus on mermaid themed novels, we are taking a look at two titles by author and blogger, Joanne Guidoccio.

"Today, I’m launching a series to honor those fascinating creatures that have enchanted humankind for centuries."

The first two titles in the series are Between Land and Sea, and The Coming of Arabella. A third title is in the planning stages.

In addition to announcing the mermaid book series, Joanne's July 20th blog post takes a look at mermaid history. You probably didn't study near enough mermaid history in school.

Mermaid Miley

Would you believe? Mermaid Miley Cyrus has been spotted. Check out this story from People Magazine.

"The 22-year-old singer is now the proud owner of a mermaid tail. Cyrus showed off the scaly green and blue faux fin in a new Instagram photo."

The article by Lindsay Kimble explains why Miley's top looks a bit odd. She wasn't wearing one. Photoshop to the rescue.

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-Mermaid Cynthia
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  1. Great stories you have here I especially love the one regarding MI/NY Mermaid School. I just recently became a certified mermaid from this school and I highly recommend it for all beginners and existing mermaids, I also returning for their next session as well. thank you Elena and thank you Cynthia for sharing it