Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mermaids of Spain

Susana Seuma
The Wall Street Journal may not be the first place you would look for articles on mermaids, but we merfolk are turning up everywhere these days. On August 27th, the paper covered the story of Susana Seuma, founder of the first mermaid school in Spain.

"After reading about the academy online, an 8-year-old girl from Turkey dragged her family to Spain for a day of swimming you can’t get in Istanbul."

The article and companion video also touch on the controversies around using a mermaid tail in community pools.

Columnist Matt Moffett also interviewed Matthieu J. Guitton, who wrote a paper earlier this year on the communities of Second Life. He was quite impressed with the mermaid community there.

Meet Hannah Fraser

Fans of Mermaid Hannah will want to explore this article by Troy Oakes for the Vision Times. Covering both land and sea, the four videos of Ms. Fraser are sure to entertain, yet they also carry a message.

"Her performance is a protest against Australian shark culling and the global slaughter of sharks."

You may want to also check out the other Wild Life articles featured on the page.

Giant Manta Rays

Next, dive deep with Mermaid Melissa as she visits Queensland's Great Barrier Reef and swims with Giant Manta Rays.

"She twists and turns below the surface of the sea, watching as a group of the rays congregate closer to the ocean floor."

The article is presented by the Daily Mail Australia and Freya Noble.

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