Monday, November 9, 2015

Lost At Sea

The Guardian has the story of the fisherman from El Salvador that was lost at sea for 14 months. The article by Jonathan Franklin gives a fascinating account of Salvador Alvarenga's trip on the Pacific Ocean.

"Floating across the Pacific Ocean, watching the moon’s light ebb and flow for over a year, Alvarenga had battled loneliness, depression and bouts of suicidal thinking."

The article includes photos, a video, and a map of the fisherman's journey.

Moving Out

The third season of Mako Mermaids has finished filming, and producer Jonathan M. Shiff is now moving his production company out of their Village Roadshow Studios lot to make way for Kong and Thor.

"The third 16-part series of Mako Mermaids employed about 150 crew and 350 extras and will screen in almost 200 countries."

For more details, check out this article by Suzanne Simonot in the Gold Coast Bulletin.

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