Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Swimming Competition

Mermaids and mermen are everywhere. Many are professionals, while others swim for fun and relaxation. So, it was about time for a mermaid/merman swimming competition.

Recently, over 100 merfolk attended just such a competition in Suhl, Germany. Hattie Gladwell at Metro UK has the complete story.

"Mini-mermaids competed in 50m races, while the adults swam twice the distance as they each showed off their beautiful tails."

Perhaps we will soon see swimming competitions in other parts of the world.

Mermaids Among Us

Seventeen Magazine presents 18 Real Mermaids Who Walk Among Us. Are you a Modern Mermaid or a Festival Mermaid? These and many other mermaid personas are ready to be discovered in this article by Caelan Hughes.

"Reminder: mermaids are creatures of the sea and have gills and scales, obvs. Who says scales can't be absolutely stunning?"

Choose your favorite look, and then dive right in!

Are Mermaids Real?

For any mermaid or merman performer, casual swimmer, or blogger, there is one question heard more than any other: Are mermaids real?

Writer Sarah Laskow and Atlas Obscura tackle the burning question, and explain why web searches for mermaids made a sudden increase just a few years ago.

"Interest in mermaids wasn't always so high. Before 2013, in fact, Google received about the same level of interest in mermaids as in vampire, aliens, and so on. But something changed in 2013."

A very interesting article, and well worth a read.

Best wishes and starfishes,
-Mermaid Cynthia
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