Friday, July 7, 2017

Happy Mermaids

Ali Weinstein's recent film, Mermaids, is currently being shown at festivals in Canada. The film is a documentary about five mermaids, as told by the mermaids themselves.

"A mermaid doesn't need anybody; she doesn't need to call the police. If she needs to get away, she just swims."

The story of these five women makes one point clear, "Mermaids Exist, and They're Happier Than You." Read the full story in an article by Ilana Novick at Vice.

Gifts for Mermaid Lovers

Kelly at Montana Happy has collected 26 gift ideas for the mermaids and mermaid lovers in your life.

"I think we love mermaids because of how they evoke the feeling of freedom and spending your life at the beach."

How about the blue glitter mermaid cupcake toppers? Or how about the 'Mermaids Need Coffee Too' coffee mugs? These and 24 other unique items can be found in Kelly's article.

Sweet Dolphin

Here to brighten up your day is a video of a dolphin asking a diver for some attention. The video can be found in a post by April Hautea at Mashable.

"Oh, nature, you are truly wonderful."

Best wishes and starfishes,
-Mermaid Cynthia
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