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Part Of Your World

Today, blogger Molly would like to share her review of the book, Part Of Your World by Liz Braswell and Disney Books. I hope you enjoy the review, and be sure to visit Molly's blog as well.

Part Of Your World
Book Review

Disney Books has recently come out with a line of “A Twisted Tale” series where classic Disney stories are written with an unexpected twist in our favorite fairy tales. In the book “Part Of Your World” we experience what would have happened if Ariel never defeated Ursula in “The Little Mermaid.” This book is engaging and brings back fond memories of the underwater world Atlantis.

The book still features our favorite characters with Scuttle who is still loyal and one of Ariel's best friends, Sebastian who still stresses out over everything, and Scuttle who has a very helpful and curious niece.

The main characters are still the center of the story but live very different lives. Ursula is married to Eric and ruling his kingdom in destructive ways which focus on destroying the sea. Eric is still under a spell but aware that he is very unhappy in his marriage and writes symphonies out on the beach to pass the time. Ariel is ruling Atlantis as she feels responsible for her Father sacrificing himself. This is very difficult as she still doesn’t have a voice. Ariel still thinks about Eric but hasn’t been up to the surface in over 5 years. She has matured a lot since then and knows her silly actions caused hurt and damage to her kingdom and family.

One day, Scuttles niece is flying around the kingdom and sees a symphony being performed about a mermaid, prince and evil sea witch. The word gets back to Atlantis and Ariel wonders if Eric remembers her, or is trying to send a message. She bravely goes back to the surface and realizes everything is much worse than she thought.

Get the book to find out how Ariel gets her voice back and if she can finally defeat the sea witch! 

Watch out! Spoilers ahead!

When Ariel finds out all the havoc Queen Vanessa (Ursula) is causing on land and how much the humans are suffering, she decides it’s time to help. Her stomach does a flip when she sees Eric for the first time. She is able to break the spell, get back her voice,  break Eric’s spell and is able to explain what happened to him. They decide to team up as Eric wants to help his Kingdom, and Ariel wants her father back.

As the story unfolds, Eric and Ariel become closer and love starts to blossom. However, there are so many important things happening, and lives at stake, it’s hard to focus on love.

I really liked this book and how it was written. It still has the same nostalgic characters you fell in love with so many years ago. You can still sense the same love Eric and Ariel feel for each other, but they are older, more mature, and have more responsibility over the land and sea. Can a human and mermaid find a happily ever after? You will have to read to find out!

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