Saturday, December 15, 2012

Giant Squid

Giant Squid Suckers

A giant squid has been captured on video for the first time in its natural habitat. Squid fans should make their way to the recent article by Jason Robey on the Discovery Channel web site. The video footage will be presented by The Discovery Channel and NHK in January 2013.

A Discovery news report video from August 18th, 2010 appears at the end of the article, 'Animals: Giant Squid Legend Lives'.

Take the Giant Squid Quiz as well, and see how much natural history knowledge you have in the Giant Squid category.

Mer-Palooza 2013

The Mer-Palooza mermaid convention staff has confirmed that Mer-Palooza 2013 will be held August 9-11, 2013. Mark those calendars! I will provide further details as I get them.

You can also keep up with Mer-Palooza news at their web site.

A Correction

In my recent interview with StaySea Mermaid, the wrong web site address was given for Terresentials. This is the correct link, and I have also updated the interview page. Be sure to pay them a visit.

News Wanted

If you are a mermaid or merman and have a special event coming up, please send me the information for inclusion in an upcoming blog post. I am also interested in products for the merfolk community. What do you have to offer? Be sure to include a short description and web site address.

Best wishes and starfishes,
-Mermaid Cynthia
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