Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Swim The Pacific

Ben Lecomte, currently living in Grand Prairie, Texas is preparing to swim across the Pacific Ocean. Before you dismiss Mr. Lecomte's plan as absurd, you should know that he already accomplished a swim across the Atlantic in 1998.

In my opinion, the guy must be part merman. After learning to swim at age 5 in the Atlantic Ocean, Ben Lecomte has loved the ocean ever since.

The swim from Japan to San Francisco, California is 5,500 nautical miles, and will take up to six months.

Read more about Mr. Lecomte's adventures, past and future, in this article from the Dallas Morning News.

Fantasy Literature Secrets

What makes a great fantasy story? What makes a great mermaid story?

Antonio del Drago recently had the opportunity to interview John Granger, known as the The Dean of Harry Potter literature. In this interview, Mr. Granger explains the importance of literary concepts such as ring composition, literary alchemy, and soul triptych/diptych.

Mr. Granger also discusses the most common mistakes that aspiring fantasy authors make.

If you're a writer, or a serious reader of fantasy literature, check out the full interview at Mythic Scribes.

Trending: Giant Squid

The big topic these days, and the subject of many searches, is the Giant Squid that was recently captured on video. We first talked about it here in mid December.

Squid fans may also want to take a look at a more recent article that appeared at The Verge. This article is entitled, "First Ever Video of Giant Squid is Amazing".

The full documentary will be shown on The Discovery Channel on January 27, 2013.

Best wishes and starfishes,
-Mermaid Cynthia
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