Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Tides Series

Tides is an aquatic adventure series of four novels for teens by H.M. Alder. The first title in the series, Tides: The Treasure of Tay, is currently available at Amazon. The second novel, Tides: The Living Jewel will be out in early summer 2013, with the other two to follow within the next year and a half.

Here is a brief introduction to Tides: The Treasure of Tay: "Megan Kerr was fearless. But on the morning of her sixteenth birthday all that changes when a haunting chill creeps over her as something lurking from below watches and waits and challenges everything she thought she once knew. Now Meg must learn to believe in what was once considered myth as she and three others find they are heirs to an unfathomable legacy. Together they’ll journey into the deep and uncover a world once forgotten, filled with the mysteries of their ancestors, where mer-people and humans once swam synchronized among the waves. Soon each learns they harbor the secrets that will restore such a union once again..."

On February 16, 2013, H.M. Alder will be doing a book signing at the Floridan Palace Hotel in Tampa, Florida. She is also booked for Mer-Palooza 2013 in August.

Ms. Alder has a "Name a Character Contest" going on now for the third installment of the series, Tides: The Road to Bimini. Gifts and cash prizes will be awarded. Visit the Tides web site for all the details.

The web site also features the author's blog, a series glossary, information on story locations, and a place where you can sign up for a newsletter and special offers. Art created specifically for the series by RĂ£Dean is available for sale on the site as well.

The preview video will surely whet your appetite for the first title in the series.

Our introduction continues: "But every crusade has its challenges and such knowledge comes with a price. There are those who seek a claim in their expedition, those with evil intent hiding in the shadows waiting to strike. The four must learn to trust each other as allies in order to prevail. Friendships are tested as a treacherous battle begins. One in which to the victor goes the control of the tides..."
Hello to all! Just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for swimming by. Although I'm new to being a published author the support I've received so far has been truly appreciated. I'm very excited to see what the year ahead will bring and am eager to get to know more of you by attending Mer events throughout the country... and hopefully one day throughout the world. Please feel free to stop by my site at any time in order to stay up to date with announcements about the TIDES series or to contact me. Lastly, I just wanted to extend a sincere THANK YOU to our blog hostess, Cynthia. I really do appreciate you having me! Until again!  - H.M. Alder

Frankenstein and the Mermaid

Travel back in time with me to the year 1948...

What happens when a mermaid movie is being filmed in the vicinity of a Frankenstein movie? Sounds like trouble, doesn't it? Find out what happened in this Retronaut article by Chris Wild.

Best wishes and starfishes,
-Mermaid Cynthia
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