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Scarborough Faire 2013

* Mermaids

The year is 1533... There are a number of Renaissance festivals in the US each year. Here in Texas, the place to be weekends during April and May is the Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie. As I mentioned last week, the 2013 season brought a new attraction to the festival, Mermaids!

Four mermaids were present in the 'lagoon' when we visited. I shared one photo last week, and I have a few more photos to share with you today.


The mermaids spoke only a dialect of mermish, so I could not interview them or ask their names. I'm thinking that this is taking cosplay a little too far. What do you think?

According to one of my readers, "Siren Nasreen is one of the main mermaid's names in the lagoon." (updated 30 May 2013)

Click on any photo in this article to see a larger view.

* Daniel

One act we make sure to catch each year is Daniel, Duke of Danger. The program reads, 'This acrobat defies death, gravity, and common sense.' That just about sums up Daniel.


Daniel's antics include fire juggling, ladder walking, and standing on his head. He reminds the children in the audience to stay in school, lest they end up with a job such as his.

Pay attention during the fire juggling. Why do you like the high-throws so much, Daniel?

* Tobias

We first saw Tobias' act at last year's festival, and we made sure to catch him again this year. Tobias The Adequate is a 'Magician, Comedian, and Bombastic Goofball' according to the official program.

This year, Tobias' act included rope tricks, a choking chain escape (above), and a thorough explanation of up and down. Tobias brings an adequate supply of fairy dust to his performances. Would be tragic if he were to run out.

Here is a short video from last year, featuring both Daniel and Tobias.

* Arsene

With advice from a friend of a friend, we caught Arsene's show for the first time this year. Magic and juggling are the highlights of this excellent show. Arsene and his three female assistants kept us entertained with a healthy dose of audience participation.

Sit too far back? Arsene will convince you to sit a little closer to the front. Arrive a little late to the performance? Oh dear!

Arsene and his Magikhana Show is definately worth a visit!

* Fairies

The festival is a great place to experience your Fae side. The photo below shows a number of young fairies enjoying story time.  The adults are enjoying the shade as much as the story.

Here is some background on the photo above, updated June 10, 2013:
I just happened upon your blog to look at mermaid pics.
In, the pic you have of story time at SRF is actually tea time and story time. The group of fairies is The Westwood Fairies of which I am Lavendyre. The other two are Azalea and Magnolia Fawn. Magnolia Fawn is the fairy who's wings are closest to the fairy catcher. The guy to the side of the pic is our fairy catcher who likes to tag along with us.
We come to tea time at Fairy Haven whenever we are there.
Loved seeing the pic, that's an angle of our wings we rarely get to see!!

There is so much to see at Scarborough that one cannot see it all in one day. The food, the shops, and the acts make for a perfect family outing.

I hope to see YOU at the festival next year!

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  1. The other mermaids names are Kai, Lochalyn-Ros, and Sevryn. They all have Facebook pages.