Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Weeping Cherry Saga

The young-adult novel Weeping Cherry is the first title from Kemi Santos-Omanukwue. The book has a mer theme, and is currently available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Xlibris, and several other outlets.

"When fifteen year old Meredith Hart decided it would be best to disobey her mother by taking a school trip to Ireland, she never imagined what the repercussions were going to be..."

Here is what the author has to say about the book:
I have always been intrigued by mermaids but scared to let people know about it. From where I come from saying anything with a merman in mind is an absolute taboo. So I did not for the longest time. I also always loved writing but took it up quietly (See a pattern here, I like doing things quietly, LOL). Being a professional, a lawyer, mother and wife took up all my time was what I told myself for years to keep from writing.

Two things strengthened me: The last conversation I had with my grandma before she died and the end of twilight (my book isn't anything like it, sorry twihards, Hello Mernards!!!). So when I put pen to paper to complete an idea had when I was about 13 years old, I couldn't stop. Now Weeping Cherry has begun.

I love writing and I am so glad I did this.  -Kemi Santos-Omanukwue
You can find out more at the Weeping Cherry web site as well as its Facebook page.

Updated 8-24-13: The author is looking for a mermaid to pose with the book. The photo is to appear on the book's Facebook page. For more info, contact Kemi Santos-Omanukwue via Facebook chat.

A Fishy Q&A

Recently, Phil Scott of Boating Magazine left the subject of powerboats for a few minutes to interview professional mermaid Linden Wolbert of Mermaids in Motion.

During the interview, Mermaid Linden provides tips on breath-holding as well as sharing her favorite sea creatures to swim with.

Seal or No Seal?

So, NOAA comes out and says that there are no mermaids. We're bummed, but we learn to accept it... Then, these two tourists in Israel come up with an intriguing video that has us thinking again.

The guys spot a creature out on a rock that they at first think is a seal. After a closer look, they change their minds.

Read the short article and watch the video at the Ng Daily News. What are your thoughts?

Short Splashes

The Poke features a photo of a Ridiculously Tall Mermaid. Sometimes, the photographer is in the right place at the right time.

Here we have a collection of art by Sheldon Bueckert featuring Mermaid Two, a work very similar to Mermaid One except for a minor detail or two.

Mermaids and Stuff is a Techno music track by Ramiro Lopez. Have a listen over at Electrobuzz.

Best wishes and starfishes,
-Mermaid Cynthia
cynthia (at) goldmermaid.com

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  1. Just got the Weeping Cherry book, the first few chapters is really captivating and awesome. This book has a fresh perspective to fiction novels. Calling all Mermaids to check the book out. Mermaid meet man and oops parmid. Lol.

  2. I just started reading the book. It really cool cant wait to get to the end.

  3. That's sounds great! I'm intrigued, only partly because my name is Meredith as well!