Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Drowning Mermaids Review

Since I first talked about the novel Drowning Mermaids by Nadia Scrieva, I have been able to finish the book. I must say that the book is a great read, and brings up a few mermaid concepts that I have not seen used in the past. The principle characters in the story come to life, and you begin to feel like a part of their family.

The following may be considered spoilers. If you are planning to read the novel in the near future, feel free to skip to the next topic.

First, the story's use of sign language is the perfect solution to the problem of communicating under water.

Secondly, the merfolk in the novel do not have fish tails, they look perfectly human, too perfect perhaps. They are able to breathe under water, and they do live much longer lives. Mermaids morphing from legs to tail and back again has always sounded awkward to me.

Drowning Mermaids is the first title in the Sacred Breath series. The Kindle version of the novel also includes the first four chapters of the second title, Fathoms of Forgiveness. This looks to be another great read.

Disney Mermaids Tee

In my previous blog post, artist FERNL posed the question, "What if all the Disney princesses were mermaids?" If you liked that idea, then you will love these sweatshirts with the same theme.

Take a look at the article by Ashley Noelle Lesiak at Trend Hunter for the full story.

Labyrinth Aquarium

Are your fish bored? Are they tired of that old rectangular aquarium? Time for a change!

The Tech Blog would like to introduce you to The Labyrinth Aquarium. The article includes a number of great photos showing the aquarium from every angle.

"The piece has six globes interconnected by tubes, which allow the fish to swim peacefully and freely throughout the entire aquarium."

My only concern is how easy would it be to clean?

If the article does not display well for you, try a different web browser.

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