Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dolphin Sanctuary

In a recent io9 article, Jason G. Goldman reports that the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland is bringing together a panel of experts. On the agenda is the question: Should the aquarium's eight captive dolphins be moved to a beachside sanctuary?

"Captive cetaceans can not simply be released into the wild; the only real solution is to allow these magnificent animals to live out their days in a sea pen."

Get the full story at io9 Animals.

Tiny Creatures Revisited

The lead story in my May 6th blog post was Tiny Creatures, an article about the many organisms lurking in seawater. In another recent article by Jason G. Goldman, we find that the original article may have been misleading. The photograph in the original article actually contained a condensed sampling of creatures from a large quantity of seawater.

"Amazing, beautiful, slightly terrifying? All of that is true. A single drop of seawater? Not so much."

Head on back to io9 for the straight story on the Tiny Creatures.

Anatomy and Myths of a Mermaid

Not long ago, the subject of shallow water and deep water mermaids came up. A quick Internet search uncovered a related article, Anatomy and Myths of a Mermaid.

Here we meet Costine, a shallow water mermaid.

Swim on over to Psion Nation and see if Costine's article doesn't tickle your imagination.

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