Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mortal to Mermaid

We take you now to St. Paul, Minnesota where twin sisters are helping humans realize their dream of becoming mermaids. In an article by Katie Humphrey for the Star Tribune, we are introduced to Abby and Bryn Roberts.

"From a St. Paul studio they work their magic, crafting flesh-like silicone mermaid tails in a rainbow of colors that could fool any beach wanderer or sea-weary sailor."

The article contains the story of how the two women got started in the tail business, and how the business grew as word got out.

Thank you, Ms. Humphrey for a very fine article.

Daughters of the Springs

Author Lauren Groff recently visited Weeki Wachee Springs in Florida, and shares the experience in an article at The Oxford American.

"I grew up as a very serious competitive swimmer on a boys’ swim team and dreamed at night of being a mermaid, of flying in water and breathing as if it were air, and of luxuriating among the sea grasses and seeing the boats pass overhead like clouds over the sun."

An entertaining article, and the mermaid with the gold tail pictured above the article is simply stunning. Perhaps she's kin!

What's Hot?

Here is a list of what's hot in the mermaid community:

Folks have recently been searching for information on a number of mermaids including Marla, Shelly, Kitty, and Kariel. Check the Index link, below, for my articles on many popular mermaids and mermen.

Mermaid fans want to know more about the Mermish language. I did an article on Mermish in January of 2012. Just remember Tala (hello) and Lusa Em (See you / goodbye), and you're well on your way.

The television program, Mako Mermaids, features both mermaids and mermen. Season one is available on Netflix, and season two is currently in production. Find out more in my Mako Mermaids blog posts.

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