Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mako Season 2 Trailer

Fans of the Australian television program, Mako Mermaids, will want to drop everything and watch this official trailer for the upcoming second season. More merfolk for sure, and a fair number of plot twists to keep it interesting.

According to one of the comments below the video, Mako Mermaids season two will air in the spring of 2015. I will update you all if I hear differently.

Healthy Mermaid Hair
Mermaid Marla

Although it doesn't make swimming any easier, mermaids love long hair. Mermaid hair is also good at hiding just enough...

A recent article at The Huffington Post shares with us 'Ten foods to eat for healthier hair'. This article by Dawn Wilder originally appeared at

Mermaids, mermen and mer fans can all benefit from these great tips for healthy hair.

"From snipping it with scissors to dousing it with dye, you put your hair through a lot. And while it may seem tough, hair is actually extremely sensitive."

Eat well, your hair will thank you!

Mermaid Pros and Cons

Mermaid Hannah Fraser is back in the news again this week. Claire Hodgson from Cosmopolitan UK has a great article that tells how Hannah got into mermaiding and how she keeps fit for the job.

"Being a professional mermaid is much harder than it sounds, though and it has taken a lot of training."

The article includes a photo gallery that detail some of the pros and cons of being a professional mermaid. Believe it or not, there are a few cons.

Florida Mermaid Convention

The Mermaids-By-The-Sea convention runs September 17th to 20th in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. It is free and open to the public. I apologize for the late notice.

Find out more in this article from the official web site of South Florida.

Note to convention organizers: Get the word out about your upcoming events by contacting me at the email address below.

Assistance Please

Right place at the right time... In this story from io9 Observation Deck, divers happen upon a stranger who needs assistance.

Watch the video, and be sure to catch the comments section.

Best wishes and starfishes,
-Mermaid Cynthia
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