Sunday, March 15, 2015

Irish Myths

As St. Patrick's Day quickly approaches, The Richest presents an article by Alex Matsuo, Ten Bizarre Irish Myths That Might Actually Be True.

Would you believe that mermaids made the list? They share the number ten spot with Selkies. And would you believe that the mermaid pictured in the article is a Gold Mermaid? Tis true!

"Mermaids aren’t just the center of Disney stories and legends. Mermaids are believed to inhabit the Irish coastline, often leading sailors to their deaths by luring them with their singing voices."

Be sure to check out the other nine Irish myths that might actually be true, including Finn McCool and Leprechauns.

Perth's Mermaids

Perth Australia, where Mermaid Amelia and Mermaid Jessica Pearl enjoy entertaining children while promoting Disney's The Little Mermaid Read to Me Storybook and CD.

"In fact, Mermaid Jessica Pearl and Mermaid Amelia are now so popular, they have to keep their show locations top secret until the very last minute."

Read more about Perth's mermaids in this article from Perth Now by Tyne Logan.

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