Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Short Story

The Toast web site presents a free short story, Mermaids at the End of the Universe.

"In the beginning, when they said we would live forever, it was a moment of great rejoicing. Surely we deserved this."

Read the entire short story in this post from Kendra Fortmeyer.

Mako Mermaids Intro

Jodi Horsley is the author of 'A Mom Having Fun', a Mom blog of reviews and giveaways on exceptional products to enhance your home life.

Recently, Jodi's daughter Megan took over the blog to present an article on Mako Mermaids.

"I just love how they grow a tail anytime they get wet! Could you imagine all of a sudden having that beautiful tail and being able to swim that fast underwater?"

If you're a big Mako Mermaids fan, or just not sure if Mako Mermaids is for you, pay a visit to Megan's blog post.

Mermaids for Tourism

Over in Australia, a filmmaker wants to make a splash in the tourism industry by establishing a mermaid academy.

"The mermaid academy is just one part of Mr. Wickett’s extravagant vision for an entertainment precinct and wildlife park."

The Townsville Bulletin has the full story, in this article by Victoria Nugent.

Best wishes and starfishes,
-Mermaid Cynthia
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