Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Leave the Land Behind

Mermaids Hannah and Melissa are in the news again this week. In a short article at First To Know, AdrinaRose Movsesian provides a little background information on the two mermaids.

"Hannah created her first tail when she was just nine-years-old."

The article contains an 8-photo slide show of Hannah, and a 7+ minute video of Melissa in action. Links are also provided to each of the mermaid's web sites.

More Mermaids Than Men
Weeki Wachee Mermaid Kylee

Would you believe that the small Florida town of Weeki Wachee Springs has more mermaids than humans?

Join us behind the scenes at Weeki Wachee as Luke Johnson and Mashable tell the story of the Florida state park known far and wide.

"Even the mayor, Robyn Anderson, is a former mermaid."

A generous collection of hi-rez photos and a wealth of background information make this a must-read article for any mermaid fan.

Deep Ocean Creatures

When you are a mermaid, you need to know who your neighbors are down below. Gizmodo and Maddie Stone are here to help by introducing us to a number of 'never before seen' ocean creatures.

"For the first time ever, a collection of strange, beautiful, and totally-alien looking creatures that live some 10,000 feet below the ocean’s surface are saying hello to humanity."

Check out the 1.5 minute video and the photos, brought to you by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Top Ten List

Do you love to sew? Do you have a young mermaid's room to decorate? Need pajamas for yourself?

A recent design challenge at Spoonflower provides us with a list of their Top Ten Mermaid Fabrics. In truth, the list doesn't stop at ten. Most, if not all, of the 365 entries are available for viewing and purchase.

Which is your favorite?

Best wishes and starfishes,
-Mermaid Cynthia
cynthia (at) goldmermaid.com

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