Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Unknown Species

Just off Puerto Rico, a number of previously unknown creatures have been discovered. Casey Chan and Gizmodo Sploid have the story.

"Our oceans hide so many breathtakingly beautiful species that don’t look like they’re from our planet..."

The article contains a three minute video and an animated GIF so you can join in the exploration.

LA Mermaid School

Been reading about the Canadian mermaid schools and wishing there was one closer to home? If you live in the greater Los Angeles area, you may rejoice!

Seventeen brings us word of the school run by Sheroes Entertainment. Child (age 6+) or adult, mermaid or merman, you are welcome to join in the fun. Swimming ability is required.

"In this fun-filled fin-tasy guests will have the opportunity to learn what it takes to be a real Hollywood mermaid and master some of the basic techniques that our professional mermaids use in TV commercials!"

Prices start at only $40 for a 75 minute class, so dive right in!

Afghan Mermaid Tail

Don't put away the yarn and crochet hooks just yet. Makezine is featuring a wearable Afghan Mermaid Tail project that one should be able to complete in a weekend.

In this article, Shelly Bunyard provides a step by step guide to creating the mermaid tail. Previous crochet experience is probably a good idea. You will certainly enjoy step 17, "Get cozy".

Rise of the Mermaids

The Guardian recently published a story by Jessica Glenza on Weeki Wachee Springs, the city of live mermaids. We have seen a number of articles on Weeki Wachee recently, but this one covers a lot of material. We begin with a look at the mermaids, the park's main attraction.

"Women leave the spring shivering from the 30 minute performances in the 74 degree water."

The article continues with a section devoted to Mermaid Melissa and Vine video producer, Dennis Doucette. Later, the subjects covered include tail-making and diversity.

Best wishes and starfishes,
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