Saturday, March 12, 2016

Work Your Tail Off

CNN brings us a report on this year's North Carolina Mermania convention. The report includes familiar names such as Hannah Mermaid, Mermaid Kariel, and Merman Christian.

"But whether they are at a landlocked swimming pool birthday party in Missouri or deep-diving in the Carribbean Sea, all the mermaids and mermen at Mermania see their profession as a platform to teach others how to respect and preserve the ocean and its creatures."

The article by Madeleine Stix includes a two-minute video as well as useful information to those interested in learning more about becoming a professional mermaid or merman.

The professionals certainly do work their tails off!

The Mermaid

Folks all over the world love mermaids. In just twelve days, a movie entitled The Mermaid became China's highest grossing movie ever made.

"The success of the film, which tells the story of a mermaid who falls in love with a businessman she is sent to assassinate, is the latest sign of China's growing might at the box office."

To learn more about The Mermaid, visit Katie Hunt's article at CNN Money. Swim deeper with a wealth of additional information on the movie from Wikipedia.

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