Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Project Mermaids Update

Editor Juan Hernandez at The Inertia brings us an update on Project Mermaids. The project was started by Angelina Venturella to bring attention to ocean conservation, and earth conservation in general.

"What started out in Los Angeles, photographing celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Brooke Burke as mermaids while raising awareness for ocean conservation, has now become a worldwide viral tour."

The article contains links where you can learn more about the Project Mermaids campaign and the Project Mermaids Tour.

Mako Mermaids Update

In case you missed the news... Mako Mermaids season 4 has come to Netflix. I would like to thank Second Life mermaid Faye for being the first to bring this news to my attention.

If you don't mind the spoilers, the official trailer for the new season can be found at the Mako Island Resort web site.  The site also has some great photos of the cast, both in and out of the water.

Mako Mermaids is the sequel to the popular H2O: Just Add Water. Both shows are the product of Jonathan M. Shiff Productions of Australia.

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