Saturday, August 25, 2012

News Shell 5

The latest News Shell, delivered just this morning, is here to keep us up to date on what is going on in the mermaid community and elsewhere.

Mermaid Radio

Merfolk have had their own magazine for over a year now. So it must be time for a Mermaid Talk Show! Find Your Wave is a production of Mermaid Lanai and you can find the introductory episode online now at Blog Talk Radio. In the first episode, Live & In Tail, Lanai talks about what we can expect in the next few weeks. Look for Mermaid Lanai on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Sea Monster? Me?

A number of articles have come out recently about Sea Monster Week. Sea Monsters From A to Z is a list compiled by 'Stubby the Rocket' at, featuring art by Georgi Markov.

In this article, a sea monster is defined as, 'Any sufficiently awesome water-dwelling creature that we perceive as being monstrously cool', so we know we're in good hands. Merpeople are indeed included in the list, and so my mer-brothers and mer-sisters, we are sea monsters after all.


'The ocean is alive with bloodthirsty dragons, vengeful warriors, and those who can ransack another's thoughts. Selinne is a mermaid just trying to survive.' This is the world of Merminia, a short novel by Emm Cole. One reviewer of Merminia said, 'This is truly an exciting read'. Look for the Kindle edition on Amazon. You can learn more about the book on Ms. Cole's web site as well as her Twitter page.

Ms. Cole has always been fascinated by mythical creatures, especially mermaids. Mermaids and mermaid fans should truly enjoy this book.

Feeling Doodley?

I recently heard about a new feature on the Google home page. We are all familiar with the I'm Feeling Lucky button. Now, if you use Google Chrome and place your mouse pointer over the Lucky button, the words will spin and land on one of several choices, I'm Feeling Artistic, for example. What happens when a mermaid clicks on the button, I'm feeling Doodley?

The Doodley button provides a look at past Google doodles, complete with background information on the creation of the doodle. I was given the doodle about Jules Verne, author of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Quite appropriate I must say, must be mermaid magic.

The Jules Verne doodle features a number of port holes to an undersea view.  The view can be changed by moving a lever on the right side of the doodle. What will you discover? Sea monsters, perhaps?

Best wishes and starfishes,
-Mermaid Cynthia
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