Saturday, August 4, 2012

News Shell 4

Today's News Shell, delivered promptly, is full of news of interest to merfolk and their fans. Let's dive in and see what is going on.

Mermaid Marie-Chantal

In my previous blog post, we met Mermaid Marie-Chantal from Montreal, Canada. Let's check back with Marie and see how she is doing...

Oh, dear! Mermaid Marie seems to have gotten herself into a tight spot.

Actually, this is just one example of Marie's digital art. Check out her Facebook page to see more.

Tera Lynn Childs

E.J. Stevens of Paranormal Romance Everything recently interviewed Tera Lynn Childs, author of the three mermaid themed novels known as the Fins series. They also discussed a Just For Fins giveaway, the most recent title in the series.

Support Mermaids

Artist Jennifer OBremski has designed a Support Mermaids ribbon magnet for your car. The magnets are $5 US each plus $1 shipping ($1.50 shipping for 2). Visit Jennifer's Etsy Shop to order, or her Myths & Legends Facebook page to send a note for more information.  (Updated 15-Aug-2012)

Mermaid Retreats

MidAtlantic Mermaid Retreats in Williamsburg, Virginia offer adult retreats and mermaid day camps for kids. The price for the mermaid retreat begins at $325 US, and you can find complete information at their web site.

The Top Ten

Smashing Lists has published their Top Ten Mythical Creatures list, with Siren sitting in the number 10 spot. Check out the complete list at their web site, and see if you agree with their choices.

Best wishes and starfishes,
-Mermaid Cynthia
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