Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Mermaid Anthology

If you love mermaid artwork and poetry, then this is for you! Lines Underwater is a mermaid anthology based on the Poems Underwater project. Authors Laura Seymour and Kirsten Tambling present Lines Underwater to explore mermaid myths in the modern world.

'Lines Underwater' re-envisions mermaids for the twenty first century. This anthology explores mermaid myths in the modern world and creates new ones. Featuring artworks, writing and audio from over 40 contributors, here are tales of botched cosmetic surgery, 1950s glamour girls, mermaid chairs and singing sirens, postcards from Jenny Hanivers, and memories of love affairs in the navy. Edited by Laura Seymour and Kirsten Tambling

One of the stories in the book, 'Gold' by Chelsea Cargill, is a Weeki-Wachee inspired tale about a golden mermaid, complete with illustration!

For more information on 'Lines Underwater', check out the Poems Underwater blog. You can also purchase the book there.

Denver Downtown Aquarium

The Denver Downtown Aquarium brings you up close and personal to piranha, sting rays, tigers... and mermaids! With a total of nine exhibits, there is certainly something for everyone.

You can find out what's happening at the aquarium by paying a visit to the blog, 'Long Wait For Isabella and Nathanael'. The little girl's reaction to the piranha is priceless!

The Fish House

You may not be planning on moving to Singapore any time soon, but you may find The Fish House By guz architects to be very inspiring. An article at Just Luxe invites you to 'live like a mermaid', and The Fish House certainly fills the bill.

"The breezy spaces allow natural ventilation while allowing residents unobstructed views of the ocean."

If you ever find yourself designing your own home, take some tips from The Fish House.

Mermaids Growth Chart

Here is a cute gift for the young mermaid fan, a personalized mermaids growth chart. The growth chart is brought to you by Olive Kids, and can be found at the blog of Kids Bedding Pro.

Best wishes and starfishes,
-Mermaid Cynthia
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