Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mermaid Models

Indiana Evans (H2O Season 3)
The Daily News Online brings us a collection of photographs of mermaid models. The collection opens with models Alyssa Milano and Claudine Barretto along with H2O: Just Add Water cast members Cariba Heine, Claire Holt, Indiana Evans (right), and Phoebe Tonkin.

Also included in the collection are Paris Hilton and Japanese mermaid Chiaki Kuriyama. Which are your favorites?

Weeki Wachee Down Under

Fans of Weeki Wachee Springs State Park will probably not be surprised to hear that The Sydney Morning Herald recently ran an article on the park in its Traveller section.

"Weeki Wachee — a Seminole Indian name meaning “little spring” — is so deep that the bottom never has been found. More than 117 million gallons (443 million litres) of 23-degree C (73.4-degrees F) water bubble up daily from the caverns. The limestone-lined basin is 30 metres wide."

Australia and Florida are both great places for mermaids. Be sure to view the collection of 19 photos in the article by clicking on the '+Photos' link.

Mermaid Art

Omar Kardoudi and Gizmodo have the details of an impressive 3D composition that is quite realistic. Lightfarm Studios is the talent behind the image, and you can learn more in the video included with the article.

"I could spend hours watching these guys work. The video on how they made it is hypnotizing."

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