Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dive Bar Merfolk

Juniper Rose of The Sacramento Bee recently interviewed Rachel Smith, head mermaid at the Dive Bar in downtown Sacramento, CA. The article tells it like it is, it's not easy being merfolk. Training for the job can take up to two months.

Note that I said merfolk... The Dive Bar performers include one merman...

"Mermaids have been feminized, and people get a little uncomfortable with the idea of a merman. But literally, when the merman swims, it’s just screaming women all night long, and I’m sure some very happy screaming men, too."

After you read the article, be sure to watch the 2-minute video.

MerFin Flippers
MerFin Flippers

Before you buy or make your first mer tail, you may want to practice swimming like a mermaid. Dorothy Tan and Design Taxi invite us to unleash our inner mermaid with MerFin flippers, a joint project of Urban Outfitters and professional mermaid Kazzie Mahina.

See the flippers in action in the short video included in the article.

Color Me

Okay, kids, time to get out your crayons! Heather Holbrook at Craft Gossip has a freebie mermaid image for you to color. Send me a photo of your finished work, and I will share it in an upcoming blog post.

For best results, color the mermaid tail gold.

Sea Fortress

Originally billed as a seven-bedroom mansion, this $800K property is actually a run-down sea fortress off the English coast. Yahoo Homes has the story in an article by Lily di Costanzo.

You will love the "mermaid-ready basin area that could easily become an epic pool deck."

Thank you, Susan, for sharing this article with me.

Best wishes and starfishes,
-Mermaid Cynthia
cynthia (at) goldmermaid.com

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