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Mermaid Farasha

Thank you all for dropping by! We will be meeting a very talented mermaid today. Please join me in welcoming to the blog Mermaid Farasha, Las Vegas' Desert Siren!

Cynthia: Welcome, Farasha, tell us a little about yourself.
Farasha: First I would like to thank you Mermaid Cynthia for having me as your guest on your blog. I'm Farasha, a Siren based in Las Vegas, Nevada. I grew up in Oxnard, California about 60 miles north of Santa Monica and 45 miles South of Santa Barbara. As a child I always felt a sense of peace living so near the ocean. The sea was a place where everyone in my family especially my father would go to dream, swim and meditate if you will. So the profession of mermaiding was a natural progression for me.

Cynthia: How did you come to join the mermaid community?
Farasha: I have always been drawn to the ancient myths and faerie tales from around the world and wanted to become one with the images of feminine power and magic. So this calling brought me to the Mermaid Awards and convention held here in Las Vegas in 2011. I was so inspired by all the mermaids from across the globe who were making a living as aquatic models and performers, I found my second calling!

Cynthia: You are also a belly-dancer and vocalist?
Farasha: Yes, belly dancing has been another medium in which I could express myself as an Egyptian Goddess or a Mermaid Queen. I got my start in Belly Dancing while living in Boston, I was fortunate to have studied with some of the best dancers in the business; Najmat, Katia, and Phaedra of Boston and Jehan Kamal of NYC. I moved to Vegas after landing a performance contract at the Aladdin/Desert Passage. Singing has always been a passion of mine, but I have yet to perform live. I'm currently studying opera and will soon incorporate singing into performances.
Mermaid Farasha

Cynthia: You produced a mermaid inspired show in Las Vegas?
Farasha: My partner and I produced a Mermaid inspired Belly dance cabaret show in November of last year. We had so much fun that we want to have another show featuring both aquatic performers and dancers.

Cynthia: Have you done any environmental or charity work?
Farasha: I'm not affiliated with any particular charity or environmental groups, but would love to bring awareness to inner city children about the beauty and magic of the ocean and it's animal inhabitants. I feel that being a mermaid performer inspires an interest and curiosity in people about the sea, the forests, the desert- it stirs up an ancient calling when humanity was once one with nature. That is my activism for now, through my art.

Cynthia: What do you enjoy doing when you are not mermaiding?
Farasha: When not mermaiding, I immerse myself in mermaid movies and books - especially the mermaid books on myths of Africa and her diasporas. I also love to skate, preferably at the beach when I can.

Cynthia: Do you have any special stories from your mermaid adventures?
Farasha: I have a Mermagical story for you... While out on a Mermaid shoot at a Ventura, CA beach with my merman-for-life photographer, high tide was coming in and I was pulled with every wave into the ocean with an eerie yet comforting force. As much as I wanted to leave with the tide and go for a swim in the cold water, my husband brought me back to shore and yelled to the ocean, "You can't have her just yet!" We laughed because I was so ready to swim out to sea in my tail and all...

Cynthia: What else you would like to share with us?
Farasha: Just want to say that I think about mermaiding 24/7 and I'm working to make it a full-time career. With faith and hard work I'll reach my goals, I have performance proposals out now, keep your fingers crossed. Thank you.

Cynthia: Thank you very much for chatting with us today, Farasha! Best wishes to you as you follow your passions. Watch for Mermaid Farasha splashing around on Facebook, and find out more about her belly dancing at her web site.

The Marked Ones

Looking to add a mermaid themed title to your summer reading list? I have a suggestion! The Marked Ones is the first title in the Fairytail series by author S.K Munt.  I asked Ms. Munt to tell us a little about the book.
I guess I'd like readers to know that this is a Fairytail - but for adults. It's not erotica, by any means, but it is for those of us caught somewhere between Twilight and Fifty Shades, lol.
I actually came up with the idea for this book while I was lying on the ocean on a flat day on my surfboard, and a Tiger shark approached me. There's actually a scene in the book where this happens to the heroine. I've been obsessed with mermaids my entire life, but I wanted to create an entire world for them. I brainstormed this for six months before I even put pen to paper, and wrote the trilogy within three months.  -S.K Munt
The Marked Ones is currently available on Amazon for Kindle readers. If you don't have a Kindle, free Kindle apps are available for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone.

"Mermaids have three purposes in life; To breed, to protect their environment and to keep the knowledge of their existence limited to pages in fairy tale books. Ivyanne Court is the personification of a mermaid princess - Breathtaking, pure, kind, sharp and strong, she is the envy of everyone she has ever met, human and mer alike. And yet she hasn't known a day’s happiness since she came of age and was forced to abandon the human boy she loved, Lincoln Grey..."

Read the full description of The Marked Ones on Amazon, or better yet, dive right in and read the book!

Best wishes and starfishes,
-Mermaid Cynthia
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