Monday, July 29, 2013

More Salt

(c) Dan Piraro - used by permission
If you're one of those folks that grab the comics section of the newspaper first, then you are probably familiar with Dan Piraro and his daily cartoon, Bizarro. Dan sees the world a little differently, and we're glad of that! Every once in a while, a mermaid finds herself in one of Dan's artworks. On the right is a recent example.

Dan's blog is a great place to learn about the back-story of his comics. In the blog post for this cartoon, Dan tells of the voice-mail message he received from a well-known mermaid.

Fans of Bizarro can connect with Dan on Facebook and Twitter. Want more Bizarro? Download the iPhone app!

Pass the salt, Dan, and thank you for allowing me to share your work with my readers!

Mermaid Swimming School

Recently, we learned about the Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy. Here is another blog post on the subject, which includes a 1.5 minute video.

Underwater Love

ABC News brings us the story of how Mermaid Melissa, a professional mermaid from Florida, found Merman Antonio. After working together in a mermaid show for a short time, the two fell in love.

Yahoo has the full story, as well as the video from ABC News.

You can learn more about Mermaid Melissa in my blog post from February, 2012.

Best US Cities for Mermaids

Are mermaids coming to shore to live with land people, or are some land people finding out that they have the souls of mermaids or mermen? You read the mermaid stories, you watch the videos of merfolk swimming in the sea, and you think to yourself, "That's me!"

Once you discover your mer persona, your joy may turn sour as you remember that you are landlocked. Are you living much too far from the seas that call your name?

So, what are the best US cities for mermaids and mermen to live? Estately has the answers.

Estately has posted an article which details their 13 best US cities for merfolk to live. If your favorite isn't listed, let them know in the comments.

Best wishes and starfishes,
-Mermaid Cynthia
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