Monday, July 22, 2013


Columnists are continuing to speak out on the staged mermaid documentaries broadcast by Animal Planet. In an article entitled, 'Mysteries of the deep blue sea', columnist Wong Wei-Shen makes her opinions known.

"The question of why mankind has repeatedly accepted these conspiracies and then later be let down by the 'truth' has often crossed my mind."

Check out the entire article over at The Star Online.

Mako Mermaids Trailer

Be sure to mark your calendar, block out some time... The Australian television program, Mako Mermaids, comes to Netflix on July 26th. For those of us outside the broadcast area for the show, this is big news.

If you can't wait, swim on over to YouTube and watch this Mako Mermaids music video trailer. Comments are most welcome: Do you like the music in the video? Do you like the scenes that were selected for the video?

Learn more about the show at the Network 10 Australia web site.

Creature Feature

Meanwhile, over at Pitch Dark, the latest Creature Feature is all about mermaids. The short article by EpicGirl includes a photo of three Weeki Wachee Springs mermaids, and a number of mermaid themed novels are shown.

"You don’t see many myths about half-lobster ladies or half-eel ladies, but stick a half-fish in there and I’m hooked."

The novels shown at the end of the article include 'Forgive My Fins', a book that I have talked about in a previous blog post.

Invisibility Wetsuit

In the past few years, shark attacks have been a major issue along the coast of Western Australia. To reduce the dangers, scientists have been working with designers to produce two new wetsuits. The first is designed to camouflage the swimmer or diver, while the other diverts the sharks away.

Read the whole story, and watch the short video, at The Guardian UK. Who might take these ideas to mermaid tails?

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