Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mermaid School Montreal

The idea of mermaid schools appears to be catching on. In a story found on the web site of Montreal Virgin Radio, we hear that the city is now home to Canada's first mermaid school.

"You can sign up for a one hour introduction class on their site! For $60, you'll learn the basic of mermaid swimming and it includes renting the tail."

Other news outlets are also talking about the mermaid school. The article at CTV News includes a 4-minute video where we meet the founder of the school, Marielle Chartier-Henault.

"But it's not just children taking the plunge into Chartier-Henault's classes. Adults are also signing up for the workout."

If the other mermaid schools are too far for you to travel, perhaps Montreal is the place to be!


According to an article found at Mysterious Universe, the mythical metal of Atlantis, orichalcum, may have been found off the coast of Gela, Sicily.

"The ancient Greeks thought orichalcum was invented by Cadmus, the mythical founder and first king of Thebes."

The article by Paul Seaburn has more details of the find, but many questions remain.

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