Tuesday, January 27, 2015

UK Mermaid Course

Add Cornwall, England to the list of places where you can learn to swim as a mermaid or merman.

"During the one-day course, students are first taught the same breathing techniques freedivers use, and then are taught how to dive using a full mermaid tail."

The course is presented by FreeDiveUK as a way of promoting freediving as a sport. Students must be at least 16 years old to participate in the course.

Deeper Blue has all the information, including a link to FreeDiveUK's web site.

Merfest Photos

Here is an article from Boing Boing that features NC Merfest 2015 photographs by Arthur Drooker. The article by Andrea James shows just a few of Mr. Drooker's photos. Click the 'mermaid convention' link in the first paragraph of the article to see more of the collection.

Don't miss the wedding photo: "The bride wore a shiny tail while the groom donned a tuxedo T-shirt and black swim trunks - attendees splashed their congratulations as the ceremony came to an end."

Merfolk do love splashing!

Thoughts for Today

The following were both recent offerings of Ping, the smartphone app that presents you with weather info and words of wisdom on an irregular basis.  Apple / Android

* To a scorpion, a lobster is a mermaid.

* How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when clearly it is Ocean. -Arthur C. Clarke

Best wishes and starfishes,
-Mermaid Cynthia
cynthia (at) goldmermaid.com

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